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Issues 2008

Ultimo Numero

1/08 The Arab World. Social Welfare and Citizenship
(in Italian)

The Arab World. Social Welfare and Citizenship, Anna Maria Medici editor

Introduction, Anna Maria Medici
The paradoxes of Citizenship in Egypt and the end of the Social State, Sarah Ben Néfissa
The “King of the Poor”. Social Citizenship in Mohammed VI’s Morocco, Francesca Cima
The “Market Republic” and the “Social Question” Dynamics in Lebanon, Myriam Catusse e Karam Karam
Women and Rights in Saudi Arabia. Citizenship and Justice, Eleanor Abdella Doumato
Islamist Associations and Democratic Transition in Niger, Adriana Piga

Pakistan: 2008 Elections and the “Islamist Danger”, Elisa Giunchi
Is it the Beginning of a Twilight? War in North Uganda and Expectation for Peace and Justice, Giovanni M. Carbone
Zuma elected ANC President, Sebastiana Etzo
Slavery and the Refugees’ Return: two Crucial Challenges for Democracy in Mauritania, Andrea Menegatti

Generational and Gender Clashes: Families and Trans Local Conflicts among Cameroonians in Italy,
Moira Luraschi

The Long Road towards Press Freedom. South African Journalism’s Struggle and Achievement from Apartheid to Democracy, Tiziana Cauli
The Writer as a Mirror of the Nation’s Ethos. Conflict, Plunder and Program for Structural Modifications in Femi Osofisan’s Theatrical Production,
Tiziana Morosetti
The Islamization of Society: Muslim Brothers and Middle Class in Jordan, Daniele Atzori


Special Issue I Southern Africa. Rural Communities, Systems of Authority and Decentralization Policies
(in Italian) Edited by: Mario Zamponi

Presentation, Mario Zamponi
Rural Communities, Systems of Authority and Natural Resources. From Colonial Reforms to the Decentralization Processes in Contemporary Southern Africa, Anna Maria Gentili
Decentralised Development in Mozambique. From Colonial Policies to Good Governance, Corrado Tornimbeni
Local Democracy in Tanzania: From Ujamaa to Decentralization, Arrigo Pallotti
Zimbabwe. The "CAMPFIRE" Programme and the "Jambanja" Land Reform: Between Needs of Nation-Building and of "Control" of Local Communities, Mario Zamponi
Rights of Access to Land and Traditional Authorities in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Communal Land Rights Act and the Rethoric of Gender Equality, Roberta Pellizzoli

Special Issue II 2008 Decentralising Power and Resource Control in sub-Saharan Africa: Responses and Perspectives
(in English) edited by Mario Zamponi

Presentation, Mario Zamponi
Institutional Reforms, Decentralisation and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania, Arrigo Pallotti
Mobilising Revenue for District Development: the Dilemma of Local Governments, District Assemblies, in Ghana, George Owusu
Political Economy of Resource Control and Decentralisation in Ethiopia: the Coffee Chain and Federalism, Roy Love
Law and Power in Decentralised Natural Resource Management: A Case Study from the Inner Niger Delta, Mali, Lorenzo Cotula
Decentralization and Natural Resource Governance: Neo-patrimonialism and Forest Resource Decline in Kenya, Fredrick Kisekka-Ntale
Negotiating the State through Inclusion in the Community. Elite Formation in Decentralised Resource Management in Chimanimani, Mozambique, Corrado Tornimbeni
Shifting Discourses and Practices of Forest Conservation in the Case of the Derema Corridor, Tanzania,
Heini Vihemäki

2/08 China in Africa
(in Italian)

China in Africa, Cristiana Fiamingo editor

Presentation, Cristiana Fiamingo
Charting Africa’s Chinese Future, Chris Alden
A Revolution in International Relations? Chinese Approach to Africa and its Challenges, Mamoudou Gazibo
Chinese Investments in Africa: Towards a New Colonization?, Ali Askouri
The Impact of China on Sub-Saharan Africa, as Seen through the Trade Lens, Raphael Kaplinsky and Mike Morris
Chinese Oil Companies in Africa: Very Different or More of the Same?, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira
China-Africa Military Cooperation, Srikanth Kondapalli
China-Africa Cooperation in the Education Sector, Li Baoping
African Studies in China at the Beginning of the XXI Century, Li Anshan
Rwanda and China: A Case of African-Asian Interchange, Isabella Soi
The China-Angola Economic Cooperation, M. Cristina Ercolessi
Cheapness and Resentment: Chinese Traders and Local Society in Oshikango, Namibia, Gregor Dobler

Iran: Façade Democracy and Practices of Social Resistance, Anna Vanzan
Legislative Elections in Angola: A Plebiscite for MPLA, M. Cristina Ercolessi
Zimbabwe Comes through the Tunnel?, Mario Zamponi
Good Governance? Administrative Decentralization and Local Elections in Ethiopia, Emanuele Fantini
The Pogroms in South Africa, Hein Marais
Mbeki’s Resignation and the Future of ANC, Sebastiana Etzo

MEND: The Latest Phase of the Delta War, Lorenza Fontana

The Development Policy as a New Challenge to European Integration, Stefano Manservisi

China-Africa Relations in International Journals, Davide Tramontano
Locating 2010: South African Hopes at the Biennale Architecture of Venice, Itala Vivan


3-4/08  Women and social rights in Africa
  (in Italian)

Women and social rights in Africa, Roberta Pellizzoli editor
Presentation, Roberta Pellizzoli
The political mobilization of women in Western Africa: present forms, places and challenges, Fatou Sow
Household dynamics and perceptions of poverty and gender differences in Mozambique, Ana Loforte
Constructing citizenship through the National Gender Machinery in South Africa, Amanda Gouws
Of local democracy and grassroots tyranny: a highlight of the gendered terrain of local council elections in Uganda, Josephine Ahikire
Widows experience in the inheritance of urban housing in Zimbabwe, Gaynor Paradza
Women’s land interests in Ghana: continuities, changes and persistent inequalities, Dzodzi Tsikata
Gender and neoliberalism in the context of Tanzania, Marjorie Mbilinyi

Democratic Republic of Congo: still war in Kivu, Fulvia Tinti
A legacy of urban violence: the city of Jos in Nigeria, Adriana Piga
Gnassingbé Eyadema in the contemporary Togolese society, Serena Verde
Guinea: an announced transition, Massimo Pallottino

Competitive patriotism and ethno-history in Eastern Africa, John Lonsdale
Changes in Baay Faal Migrations: Towards a Community Globalization?, Charlotte Pezeril
Forms and symbols of housing: a Jordanian case study, Lucilla Rami Ceci

The issue of the ageing public administration in Senegal: consequences on the implementation of social policies, E.H. Seydou Nourou Touré and Aboubacry Demba Lom
Mass media and democracy in Senegal. Journalists’ role in the electoral alternation, Silvia Koch
The “cultural knowledge of the enemy”. Ethnography, intelligence and counter-insurrection in the Middle East, Nicola Perugini



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