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issues 2002

1/2002   Afghanistan and Central Asia Crisis
(in Italian)

The American and Israeli War Against Terrorism
Ilan Pappe

Dossier: Afghanistan and Central Asia Crisis
Is Bin Laden Still Concerning? Anna Vanzan
Reconcile Afghanistan. The Role of Regional Powers Antonio Giustozzi
Islam and Political Extremism in Central Asia Marco Buttino
Politics and Religious Institution: the Crux of Pakistan Daniela Bredi
Afghan Diaspora: Past and Future Maria Cristina Mulas
Afghan Arabs in Osama bin Laden Network Marco Capponi
Iranian Women and the War Between Afghanistan and the West Anna Vanzan
Central Asia After the War Todd Diamone, Camelia Entekhabi-Fard, Agham Shah

Religious Tension in Nigeria: Kano's Confrontations Andrea Brigaglia
The Case of Safiya: A Reflection on Nigeria Francesca Mulazzani
Religious Pluralism in South Africa:
Different Aspects of the Muslim Minority in Post Colonial Era Barbara Bompani
Mozambique. Carlos Cardoso's Sons Face the Legal Battle Joseph Hanlon

Self-determination, Nation, State Autodeterminazione, nazione, stato:
Western Sahara as Rule and Exception Giampaolo Calchi Novati
At the Origins of the Jihâd Paolo Branca
Palestinian Water Simona Benfenati

Themes International Relations
The African Politics of Germany. In Search of a New Dimension
Ulf Engel

Themes Culture
A man died, a poet is alive. Why read Senghor Lilyan Kesteloot
Women and Islam. A Reflection by Salwa Bakr Francesca Corrao


Migrations and Xenophobia in Austral Africa
(in Italian)

After Savimbi: Peace and Power in Angola, Maria Cristina Ercolessi

Dossier:: Migrations and Xenophobia in Austral Africa
Introduction, Corrado Tornimbeni
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Migration from Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe to South Africa, David A. McDonald, Lovemore Zinyama, John Gaym Fion de Vletter and Robert Mattes
Immigration, Xenophobia and Human Rights in South Africa, Jonathan Crush
Political Elites Discourse on Immigration in the New South Africa: Xenophobia, Racism and Political Strategy , Aurelia Wa Kabwe - Segatti
Ambiguous Intimacies: Transnationalism and the Gendered Politics of Anti-Mozambican Sentiment in Peri-Urban South Africa, Stephen C. Lubkemann

Zimbabwe: Several Reason of a Crisis, Mario Zamponi
Angola: What Role for UNITA, Davide Tramontano
Inter Congolese Dialogue and the Partial Agreement: Transition or New Warfare?, Fulvia Tinti
Between "Park" and "Park": The Unilateral Parting Option, Third Way or Chimera?, Luca Berardino
Accounts about Jenin Days, Giorgia Garofalo

Land Crisis in Zimbabwe: Echo of a Distant Future for South Africa?, Samuel Kariuki

Multicultural Society and Discrimination in the Time of Bossi-Fini Law, Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo

Islamic Feminism: what's in a name? Islamic Feminism, as a Whole, is More Radical then the Secular One, Margot Badran

Western Media and the Forgotten Emergencies in Africa, Ilaria Dettori

Satire and Mockery in Iran, Claudia La Barbera


3/2002   What Italian Policy in the African and Mediterranean Countries?
(in Italian)

Italy in Africa between continuity and discontinuity, M. Cristina Ercolessi.
Economic relations between Italy and Sub-Saharan Africa, Alberto Bolognini e Roberto Cajati,
Migrations in Euro-Mediterranean integration: from co-development to fortress Europe, Andrea Stocchiero.
Leader or follower? The role of Italy in the normalization process of Libya, Daniela Poppi.
The thunderbolt of Axum, Andrea Semplici.
Mozambique: a reflection on the peace agreement ten years after, Matteo Zuppi.
Instruments, programs and policies of Italian development cooperation in Uganda, Florinda Guadagna.
What education for development in Africa? African university students in Italy, Marco Mozzati.

Operation Defence Shield and its consequences on the population of the West Bank, Riccardo Bocco, Isabelle Daneels, Matthias Brunner and Jamil Rabah.
The Oslo Process and the second Intifada: the reasons of a failure, Emanuele Ottolenghi
The moral responsibilities of Israel towards Palestinian refugees, Nur Masalha.
A role for the United States and Europe in Palestine, Bruno Cavallaro.
Afghanistan: transfiguration or transformation? Michele Chiaruzzi.
Italeinro or "the effort of the soul". Migrant burkinabé constellations and the reproduction of the local context, Benoit Hazard.
The impact of emigrants' transnational networks on Senegal presidential elections in 2000, Monika Salzbrunn.
Census, honour and kinship. Cross views between mauri of France and mauri
of Mauritania, Francesca Marchi.

 Ideas of islam
(in Italian)

Dossier: Ideas of Islam
Islam, where does it go? Khaled Fouad Allam
Islamic Political Movements. Some consideration on Medium Term by Mario Nordio
Islamic Responses to Globalization by Mark LeVine
The Western Debate on Democracy in the Arab World: hic sunt leones? by Laura Guazzone
The Media in Arab-Islamic Countries between Conformity and Openness by Federico Tagliaferri
Religious Expression in Contemporary Egypt: the Sufi Brotherhood by Leyla Dauki
Zanzibar: Another Bali? by Barbara Falchi

Ten Minute Peace, Nineteen Years of War. The Machakos Protocol and the Sudanese Crisis by Massimo Zaccaria
The Drift of Ivory Coast by Mario Zamponi
Th "Desert Kingdom" and the Post September 11 Challenge by Camilla Broccoli
Presidential Elections in India edited by Marco Zolli
In Never Never Land by Nel paese che non c'è di Luca Giacopelli

Civil Society, Human Rights and Development in Africa: Problems and Perspectives by Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua

Themes International Relations
The New Mercenary Troops and Private Military Companies by Antonino Adamo

Themes Development and Cooperation
Italy and the Euro Mediterranean Partnership by Renata Pepicelli
Italian Enterpreneurs in Tunisia: Beginning and Development of a Boundless Industry. The Case of Textile by Chiara Lainati

Themes Culture
Homeland, Exile and Beyond. Modernity and Mobility in Indian and African Literature by Bodil Folke Frederiksen
Raï Music in Algeria: the Power of Lyrics by Dimitrios N. Ouzounis

Bibliographic Repertory. Islam after September 11: Some Reading Indications edited by M. Cristina Pudioli e Anna Vanzan
Limes: an Assessment on Euro Asian Geopolitics More Than a Year after September 11, by Luca Berardino


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