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afriche e orienti - the journal

The journal "afriche e orienti” was established in the spring of 1999 by a group of junior and senior scholars of the association "Afriche e Orienti", and is published by AIEP Editore.

The journal publishes three issues per year, and focuses on Africa, the Mediterranean Region and the Middle East. "Afriche e orienti” addresses a range of topics in the fields of history, politics and development of these regions.

"Afriche e orienti" is committed to publish the most recent and high quality empirical and analytical research from Italian and international scholars.

Articles are published in Italian, English and French.

"Afriche e orienti" operates a double-blind peer review process to evaluate the articles proposed for publication.

"Afriche e orienti" is part of the journals on Africa linked to the European network of African studies AEGIS.