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afriche e orienti - the journal
issues 2005

Dossier: Environment and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa
(in Italian) Mario Zamponi (ed.)

Natural resource management, sustainable rural development and good  governance in Southern Africa, Mario Zamponi  
Custom and Property in the Governance of Natural Resources in Africa: The  commoditisation of Land, PhilipWoodhouse Tensions and paradoxes in the management of Transboundary Protected Area , William Wolmer 
Bringing down borders? The case of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park , Will Norman
State and community in natural resource management in Mozambique,  Corrado Tornimbeni
Persisting Interests in Conservation: The case of Zimbabwe's CAMPFIRE Programme, Vupenyu Dzingirai
Community- and State-based Natural Resource Management and Local Livelihoods in Maasailand, Catherine Homewood, Michael Thompson, Pippa Trench, Steven Kiruswa, Ernestina Coast
Reflections on 'new' (Neoliberal) Conservation (with case material from  Namibia, southern Africa)
Sian Sullivan

Togo: A Victory of Constitutionalism?  Christof Hartmann
Transition to peace in the DRC?  Koen Vlassenroot and Timothy Raeymakers
Arabia Saudita: il regno dei giovani governato dai vecchi, Camilla Broccoli

To Take One's Life back: Domingos Xavier, the Standard- bear of Angola Fight against Colonialism, Vincenzo Barca


The Research Program “Senegal 2000” , Momar Coumba Diop
Hamas' Uncertain Future, Sergio Bianchi

Africa'a Cotton Venture inside OMC Frame, Alessandro Fusacchia and Francesco Galtieri
Theory and Politics of Immigrants' “Voluntary” Return to their Country of Origin: Between Intolerant Ideas and Political Subjectivity, Gianluca Gatta
The Cooperation between Emilia-Romagna and Marrakesh-Tensift-Al Haouz (Morocco) Regions on behalf of Land, Marioluigi Bruschini, Raffaele Pignone, Maria Carla Centineo

Dossier: African Migrants in Italy: Ethnographies
(in Italian) Bruno Riccio (ed.)

The Senegalese at Work. Labour and Representation Spaces in Engineering Industry in Bergamo Territory, by Sebastiano Ceschi
Senegalese Towns: the Case of Zingonia, by Giulia Sinatti
Transnational Migrations and Decentralized Cooperation: Comparing Ghanaian and Senegalese Migrants, by Bruno Riccio
Migrant Performances: the Ghanaian Concert Party, by Roberta Altin
Nigerian Migrants and Associationism: the case of Turin, by Pietro Cingolani
Travelling Towards Exile: Framing Eritrean Identity between Experience and Narration, by Anna Arnone
Women in Diaspora. Somali Female Migrants in Italy between Continuity Bonds and Metaphorical Identities, by Francesca Decimo
Ethnic Belonging, Religious Affiliations and Associations, by Micol Pizzolati
Migrants' toing and froing Job: the Senegalese between Louga and Torino, by Eleonora Castagnone

New Deal in Iran, by Anna Vanzan
The “Shadows' Game” in Central Asia. The Usual Report, by Michele Chiaruzzi
South Sudan Has Lost its Controversial leader, by Massimo Zaccaria

Gheddafi and the World from Cold War to Decolonization: the Ideas of a Visionary and Radical, or better Realistic Man, by Giampaolo Calchi Novati
Impartiality and the News, by Enrico de Angelis
Unresolved Questions: PKK and Kurdish People's Struggle in Turkey, by Daniele Campari

From Windrush to Nowadays: Migration and Culture in Great Britain, by Mike Phillips

62^ Venice International Film Festival, by Anna Vanzan

Dossier : Spoken Words. Oral Communication between Tradition and Modernity, edited by Annalisa Oboe
(in Italian)

On Implications about Orality, Graham Furniss
Oral Art and Media in West Africa from a Gender Perspective, Katrin Pfeiffer
Argumentative Talks: Verbal Conflicts and Transformation of Yoruba Song-saying (orin òwe), Oyekan Owomoyela
Modern Song and Oral Communication, Bassirou Dieng e Ibrahima Wane
Telling Slavery in Contemporary Gambia, Alice Bellagamba
Land, Ethnic Identity and History in the Account of Japie Bekeur in a rural South African territory, Hein Willemse
Stories, Performance and Rebellion: South African Women in front of TRC, Annalisa Oboe
From Orality to Writing and from Writing to Orality. The Rise of an African narrative Tradition in Italian Language, Cristina Lombardi-Diop

Afghanistan: Shades on Elections, Antonio Giustozzi
Presidential Election in Egypt: Report of an expected Victory, Leyla Dauki
Peace Process, Political Transition and Elections. The Case of Burundi, Fulvia Tinti

Democratic Processes in Arab Middle East: the Case of Jordan, Elena Piffero
Armed Groups in Algeria after the Law on Civil Unity, Caterina Avanza
The Wall between Israel and West Bank, Cosimo Bizzarri

Twenty-five Years of President Mubarak: pluripartitism without Democracy, Elena Piffero
French Muslims between Past and Future, Veronica Collalti
Decentralised Cooperation Experiences and Local Regulation of Relationship, Elisa Bignante

Absence/Presence, Women with Plaits and the Female Students from Faizabad, Anna Vanzan
Panafest 2005: The Re-Emergence of African Civilization, Francesca Giommi
Komikazen, the Reality Comics between Memory and Contemporary History, Viola Giacometti

Hotel Rwanda, Fulvia Tinti e Giulia Grasselli


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