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Issues 2015

Special Issue 2015 Rural development and poverty reduction in Southern Afrrica: experiences from Zambia and Malawi
edited by Davide Chinigò, Arrigo Pallotti

Rural Development Policies and Poverty Reduction in Southern Africa: Experiences from Zambia and Malawi. An Introduction
Davide Chinigò, Arrigo Pallotti

Multiparty Politics, Poverty and the Unsolved Rural Question in Zambia
Arrigo Pallotti

Plus Ça Change: Rural Development Policy and the Persistence of Rural Poverty in Zambia
Erin Hern

Space, History and Agrarian Transformation in Malawi
Davide Chinigò

Chiefs in the Trenches; Politics of Tradition and Citizenship n the Lake Chilwa Basin, Southern Malawi
Seamus Murphy

Examining the Politics of Land Rush in Malawi’s Outgrower Farming System: The Case of Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited
Michael Chasukwa


1-2/2015 Dossier – State and society in Egypt and Tunisia: involutions and evolutions
Edited by Ruth Hanau Santini
(issue in Italian and in English. *Article originally published in English)


Beyond transitology and post-democratization theories: a comparison between Tunisia and Egypt through the lens of political participation
Ruth Hanau Santini

Constitutional pathways in comparison: Egypt and Tunisia after the Arab Spring
Pietro Longo

Al-Azhar and Support for Democracy in Egypt (2011-2013)*
Georges Fahmi

The New Islamic Middle Class and the Struggle for Hegemony in Tunisia*
Fabio Merone, Damiano De Facci

The Supreme Constitutional Court’s Regressive Role in the Egyptian Political Transition*
Claudia De Martino

Cyber-anthropology and dissident identities: the case of Tunisia
Kerim Bouzouita

New Opinion Journalism’ in Egypt: Hybrid Professional Culture and Distributed Control*
Enrico de Angelis


Foreign policy as instrument of re-generation of the authoritarian systems: Yemen between change and continuity
Eleonora Ardemagni

«Je suis mère, je suis père». Ethnographic experiences among the Kivu (DRC) refugee women in Kampala
Miriam D’Elia

Performing Change: Singing and Dancing for AIDS in Cameroon, a show of Semantic Noise*
Fausta Fonju Ndemesah

Contestation movements and agrarian struggle in Malawi: an historical perspective
Davide Chinigò

Decolonial Pasolini: La rabbia through Africa, Asia and the Americas
Nicola Perugini, Francesco Zucconi



3/2015 The new harvest: agrarian policies and rural transformation in Southern Africa
edited by Davide Chinigò


African Peasantry, Rural Transformations and Land Grabbing in Contemporary (Southern) Africa
Mario Zamponi

The Role of Land Policies, Land Laws and Agricultural Development in Challenges to Rural Livelihoods in Africa
Pauline E. Peters

Land Law, Power, Rural Development in post-Independence Mozambique
João Carrilho, Uacitissa Mandamule

Land Reform and Customary Authorities in Contemporary Malawi
Davide Chinigò

The Future of Agriculture in Zimbabwe? The Expansion of Contract Farming and its Impact on Smallholder Income and Production
Gareth D. James

Land Grabbing and Agricultural Commercialization Duality: Insights from Tanzania’s Transformation Agenda
Emmanuel Sulle


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