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Issues 2010

1-2010 Dossier - Football in South Africa: Identity, Politics and “Business”
edited by Peter Alegi and Chris Bolsmann

Football in South Africa. Introduction
Peter Alegi and Chris Bolsmann

From Apartheid to Unity: White Capital and Black Power in the Racial Integration of South African Football, 1976-1992
Peter Alegi and Chris Bolsmann

‘You Must Support Chiefs; Pirates Already Have Two White Fans!’: Race and Racial Discourse in South African Football Fandom
Marc Fletcher

Football’s Tsars: Proprietorship, Corporatism and Politics in the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Scarlett Cornelissen

The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa: Critical Voices from Below
Percy Ngonyama

2010 World Cup Roundtable/Forum
edited by Peter Alegi and Chris Bolsmann
with Simon Kuper, Rodney Reiners, John Turnbull

Namibia’s National Assembly and Presidential Elections 2009: Dominant Party Democracy in Practice
Henning Melber

The Mazibuko Case: Which Perspectives for the Right to Water in South Africa?
Michela Marcatelli

The Central African Republic Getting to Grips with the Reconstruction of the State
Roland Marchal

Rethinking Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Case of Eastern and Southern Africa
Samuel Kariuki

Inclusion in the International Agenda and Successful Paths of Senegalese Organizations Dealing with Irregular Migration
Emmanuelle Bouilly

Local Organizations and Political Space. The Development Discourse in 2009 Local Elections in Casamance
Beniamina Lico

Feminine Foods in the Cameroon Grassfields
Moira Luraschi


Special 2010 (in Italian and English) Controllare la natura. Politiche di tutela ambientale in Africa sub-sahariana
Disciplining Nature. Conservation Policies in sub-Saharan Africa

a cura di/ edited by Mario Zamponi

Mario Zamponi

L’evoluzione del dibattito internazionale sulla protezione e la gestione della biodiversità in Africa attraverso il caso dello Zimbabwe
Changing Discourses on Biodiversity Protection and Management in Africa Using the Case of Zimbabwe
Stig Jensen

Pratiche di incendio e politiche forestali del primo periodo coloniale in Tanzania
Fire and Forest Policy in Early Colonial Tanzania
Lars Kreye

«L’altra faccia del Paese»: la conservazione ambientale centrata sulle persone e la continua storia di esclusione in Sudafrica
«The Far Side of the Country»: People-Based Conservation and the Continuing Story of Exclusion in South Africa
Sarah A. Bologna

Una storia di sorveglianza, mercificazione e partecipazione nella conservazione della natura. Il caso del Parco “W” in Burkina Faso
A History of Surveillance, Commodification and Participation in Nature Conservation. The Case of Park ‘W’, Burkina Faso
Julie Poppe

Una casa minata dalle divisioni interne. La protezione dell’ambiente in Kenya nel mezzo di un labirinto istituzionale
House Wrenched by Internal Divisions. Environmental Protection in Kenya in the Midst of an Institutional Labyrinth
Fredrick Kisekka-Ntale

Autori / Authors

2/10 Transnationalization of Knowledge and Islamic NGOs in Western Africa
(issue in Italian)

Transnationalization of Knowledge and Islamic NGOs in Western Africa
Adriana Piga, editor

Transnationalization of Knowledge and Islamic NGOs in Western Africa. An Introduction.
Adriana Piga

Between patrimonialism and Islamic Memory: Djenné or the making of a Holy Town in Mali
Gilles Holder

Transnationalization of Islamic Knowledge and “the Making of Sites” in Contemporary Mali
Francesco Zappa

Metaphors of Islam in Niger: Among Pacifism, Contestations and Conflicts
Maikoréma Zakari

Islamic University of Niger: Strategic Targets and Ongoing Reforms
Seyni Moumouni

Al-Azhar African Students in Cairo between Traditional Mobility and New Migratory Projects
Sophie Bava

Islamic Humanitarian Aid in Burkina Faso: International NGOs and the transnationalization of the Tijaniyya
Mara Vitale

The Work of the Transnational Islamic NGOs: Chad and Senegal Compared
Mayke Kaag

Nigeria’s Future is Being Played in the Middle Belt: News from Jos
Leonello Fani

Civil Society and the Transition in Niger
Maman Wada

Elections in Sudan and the (dis)illusion of Democracy
Giorgio Musso

Everybody's Crazy for Meles? May 2010 National elections in Ethiopia
Emanuele Fantini

Political Conflict in Kirghizistan. A Democratic Dawn or a Violent Wakening?
Michele Chiaruzzi & Davide Oriani

Elections in Iraq: Impasse in Negotiations
Fyras Mawazini

Beyond Land Restoration: Experiences of Land Claimants in Three Case-Studies from Limpopo, South Africa
Tshililo Manhenze

In Memory of Ruy Duarte de Carvalho
Livia Apa

Book Reviews

3-4/10 The Afghan crisis and the regional context
(issue in Italian)

Elisa Giunchi, editor

Geopolitics and territory in Afghanistan
Conrad Schetter

Sources of political legitimacy in Afghanistan
Antonella Deledda

Policies of reconstruction in Afghanistan: modernization and the rule of law
Antonio De Lauri

The opium-based economy of Afghanistan. A threat for regional and international security
Filippo De Danieli

From Western disengagement to regional “great (double) games”
Elisa Giunchi

The relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan: between “neo-Taliban” and regional equilibrium
Diego Abenante

Afghanistan like Congo? The intensification of regional rivalries
Antonio Giustozzi

Reconstructing Afghanistan: regional challenges and spatial contingencies
Reuel R. Hanks e Greg Gleason

Madagascar: from President Ravalomanana resignation to the proclamation of the IV Republic (17 March 2009 – 11 December 2010)
Liliana Mosca

The Nambian political arena: the 2010 local and regional elections
André du Pisani

Elections in Tanzania and the short-circuit among economic liberalization and democratization
Arrigo Pallotti

Rwanda and Burundi: comparing two electoral experiences
Valeria Alfieri

Not going home: displaced youth after war
Timothy Raeymaekers

Parliamentary elections in Egypt: wedding or abortion of democracy?
Andrea Teti e Gennaro Gervasio

Guinea is back!
Massimo Pallottino

Authoritarianism, participation and fundamentalism in Mauritania. Islamic brotherhoods and democracy
Andrea Menegatti

Is it all about tradition? Women, decentralization and access to irrigated land in Mozambique and South Africa
Roberta Pellizzoli

In memory of Malangatana Valente Ngwenya
Anna Maria Gentili

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