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Issues 2014

1-2/2014 Dossier - Islamist Parties and International Relations in North Africa and the Middle East
Edited by Filippo Dionigi and Giorgio Musso
(issue in Italian)

Tide and Ebb: The Uncertain Destiny of Islamists
Filippo Dionigi, Giorgio Musso

“The Islamist Threat”: Revisionism, Transnationalism and Pan-Islamism
Giorgio Musso

Did Islamism Become What States Made of It? Foreign Policy in Egypt and Tunisia during the Governments of the Freedom and Justice Party and An-Nah?a
Filippo Dionigi

The Islamist Rise to Power and Regional Rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Qatar
Silvia Colombo

The Foreign Policy of An-Nah?a: Strategic Perspective and Political Practice
Laura Guazzone

From Anti-Regime Terrorism of the Libyan Fighting Islamic Group to the Choice of Political Engagement of the Libyan Islamic Movement for Change after the 2011 Civil War
Massimiliano Cricco

The Role of the “Islamic” Civil Society in Turkish Foreign Policy
Federico Donelli

Turkish Islamists and the European Union: A Story of Rejection, Love and Disenchantment
Michelangelo Guida

Madagascar: The Long Awaited Presidential Elections of the IV Republic
Liliana Mosca

The South African Elections of May 7 2014, Twenty Years since the Conquest of Democracy
Antonio Pezzano

The 2014 Elections in Malawi: Mutharika Family’s “Back to the Future”
Davide Chinigò

“From the People, for the People”, Algeria in the Age of Democratic Disillusion
Anna Maria Medici

In the Shadow of Nasser or Mubarak? The Contradictions of al-Sisi’s Egypt
Giorgio Musso

Fethullah Gülen’s Network within the Evolution of the Muslim Associational Context in Turkey: African and Asian Relations
Francesco Pongiluppi

Social and Political Consequences of Administrative Decentralization in Benin
Valentina Alessandria

3/2014 Dossier - Rwanda twenty years after the genocide
Edited by Luca Jourdan
(issue in Italian and in English. *Article originally published in English)

Luca Jourdan

The genocide against the Rwandan Tutsi. Race and history in Africa
Jean-Pierre Chrétien

Rwanda’s Illiberal Peacebuilding*
Lars Waldorf

Displaying the inexpressible. The politics of moral emotions in Rwandan memorials
Francesco Pompeo

Verba docent, et exempla? Towards an ethnography of genocide commemorations in Rwanda
Michela Fusaschi

1994-2004: The Rwandan Genocide in the Rear-View Mirror*
Pietro Sullo

Legitimate memories. Commemorations, trauma and identity twenty years after the genocide
Federica Guglielmo

“Ethnimacy”: negotiating love and ethnic identities in post-genocide Rwanda
Ilaria Buscaglia

The Rwandan genocide and the Congo war. Some reflections on the Rwanda’s role in the first African world war
Luca Jourdan

An almost perfect political system: the unknown of post-Compaoré Burkina Faso
Anna Caltabiano

Crisis and transition in Burkina Faso
Cristiano Lanzano

The political parabola of Hage G Geingob, Namibia’s third president
Cristiana Fiamingo

Democracy settles in Tunis: the launch of the Second Republic
Anna Maria Medici

Dealing with the past through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission: the case of Burundi
Gaia Lott

They came from Shiraz in Persia. Shirazi lineage in Eastern Africa between myth and history
Serena Talento

Food security and agricultural development in Ethiopia. The cases of Shashamane and Alaba districts
Marcello Poli

Complexities of Decolonization: The Political Economy of Independence and Development*
Tinashe Nyamunda

The Multi-Layered Trajectories of Violence in Zimbabwe*
Clement Masakure

*Article originally published in English

Special issue 2014 The land question in Mozambique between community rights and investments
Edited by Roberta Pellizzoli
(issue in Italian)

Roberta Pellizzoli

Balancing two systems? Agricultural policy and rural development dynamics in Mozambique
Mario Zamponi

Family farming in Mozambique: the politics of not having politics?
Joao Mosca

Land, rural development and the labour question in the Mozambican’s Portuguese colonial policy
Corrado Tornimbeni

Indigenous reserves, villages and resettlement: State, community and land in Mozambique
Carlos Manuel Serra

The long history of land grabbing in Chókwè irrigation scheme: an analysis of the gender implications
Roberta Pellizzoli

Challenges in participatory land governance: decentralization and the role of local governments in decisions for land investments
Alda Salomão

"We have no money nor time for breakfast": reflections on food vulnerability in northern Mozambique
Sara Stevano

Credit for rural development in Mozambique: the case of Memba district in Nampula Province
Nelson Capaína















































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