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Issues 2006

Special Issue I: Nation-State and Nationalist Movements in Post colonial Austral Africa
(in Italian) Edited by Mario Zamponi

Staying power. Frelimo from Marxism to Liberalism. Nation-State Building and the Liberation Movement's role in Post colonial Mozambique, Anna Maria Gentili

The MPLA State- Party and the Nomenklatura in 1990s Angola, M. Cristina Ercolessi

Zimbabwe: Nationalism, Patriotism and anti Imperialism in the ZANU- PF’s Strategies, Mario Zamponi

Reconciliation and Shaping Processes of the Namibian State: the Peace Project and the “Former Fighters'” Integration, Cristiana Fiamingo

State and Market in Post socialist Tanzania: The Reform of the Local Government (1996-2004), Arrigo Pallotti

Special Issue II: The West and Africa. Democracy and Nationalism from the First to the Second Transition
(in Italian) Edited by Mario Zamponi

Public History and the Re-writing of the Nation in Postcolonial Africa, Alessandro Triulzi

Globalisation et changement politique en Afrique subsaharienne (1989-2005), Jean-François Bayart

Contemporary Political Economies of Sub-Saharan Africa: The Postcolonial Legacy of Multiple Narratives, Sarah Bracking

Land Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa: Political Economy and Moral Economy, Henry Bernstein

The Freedom to Choose: HIV/AIDS and the Limits of the Liberal Theory of Citizenship in Southern Africa, Bridget O’Laughlin

Zimbabwe’s Democratic Deficit: Western Hypocrisy and African Complicity , Ian Phimister

Africa and the West. Dis-Embedding African Histories from the Histories of Capitalism, Jacques Depelchin

1-2/2006: Sudan 1956 -2006- Fifty Years of Independence
(in Italian)

Sudan 1956 -2006- Fifty Years of Independence, Edited by Stefano Bellucci, Massimo Zaccaria

Introduction, Giampaolo Calchi Novati
A Democratic, Secular and United Sudan: Illusion or Reality?, Robert O. Collins
Islam in the Sudan under the Funj and the Ottomans ( 1820- 1898), Gabriel Warburg
Self determination and the Sudanese, Douglas H. Johnson
Ethno Nationalism in Post independence Sudan: From Civil War to Genocide, Mohammed Salih
Sudanese Islamists' Different Pathways, Roland Marchal
Darfur, a "New" Globalization War?, Stefano Bellucci
Fifty Years in the Politics of Islam, Peter Woodward
Urbanization and Environment in the Sudan, Mahmoud El Zain
Pace Makers and Spoilers: What Lesson from and for Sudan?, Richard Baltrop
Sudan' s Oil: a Threat to Peace and Stability, Jill Shankleman
Sudan: A Bibliographical Survey, Massimo Zaccaria

Palestine to the Poll, Anna Maria Medici
Israel' s Elections and Olmert' s Government Challenges, Elena Piffero

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Debating South Africa Land Summit (2005), Samuel Kariuki
Towards a post Zionist Narrative about Israel and the Israel Palestine Conflict: Art, Architecture, Politics, Annarita Lamberti

Modern Taarab in Tanzania: Songs and Politics in Zanzibar, Flavia Aiello Traore
Gender Issues in the Contemporary Zanzibar Ngomas' Political Procedure, Irene Brunotti

3-4/2006 Democratic Transformation in Africa
(in Italian)

Democratic Transformation in Africa Edited by Arrigo Pallotti

Neo liberalism in Africa. The short History of a failed Ideology, Graham Harrison
Accumulation Regimes, Democracy and Class Structures in Senegal, Carlos Oya
Democratizing Nigeria Politics. Transcending the Shadows of Militarism, Cyril I. Obi
The Political Economy of Democratizing Tanzania, Ernest T. Mallya
Anti Globalization, economic Liberalization and Democratic Consolidation in Contemporary Zambia, Miles Larmer
SADAC’s Role in Election Management and Observation in Southern Africa. A critical Appraisal, Khabele Matlosa
Journalism in Africa, Africa in Journalism, Francis B. Nyamnjoh

Elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Path towards Democracy, Timothy Raeymaekers e Koen Vlassenroot
Angola: A solution for Cabinda?, M. Cristina Ercolessi
The Borders Crisis between Eritrea and Ethiopia opens up another Front in Somalia, Matteo Guglielmo

African Political Parties’ New Generation, Giovanni M. Carbone
The Paradox of the Unaccomplished Revolution. South Africa Economic Dominion and a White Elite’s Reaffirmation Process in a Northern Namibia Town, Mattia Fumanti

Italian Cooperation between Quantity and Quality. Some Reflections, Andrea Liverani e Flavio Lovisolo
Emilia/Romagna Region politics towards the Sahrawi. A “border-linking line” between Para-diplomacy and decentralized Cooperation, Matilde Fresa

Cannes 2006. Pan Africa on Croisette, Maria Coletti
Images of War, Dreams of Peace. Comments on and from the Biennale des Cinémas Arabes in Parigi, Maria Coletti
Dakart 06. Africa between Misunderstandings and Undermeanings, Valentina Moschini
Roots to Reckoning: Black Britain Portraits by Armet Francis, Neil Kenlock and Charlie Phillips, Francesca Giommi
Seminar on African Literatures in English, Tiziana Morosetti


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