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issues 2001

1/2001 Informality, Illegality and Public Policies in Africa
(in Italian)

The fact
Congo. From Kabila to Kabila by Anna Maria Gentili

Dossier: Informality, Illegality and Public Policies in Africa
Globalisation and War Economies. Promoting Order or the Return of History? by Mark Duffield
The Revival of Regional Integration in Africa by Daniel Bach
Crossing Borders. Small Entrepreneurs and Cross Border Trade between South Africa and Mozambique by Sally Ann Pederby
Gender, Social Inequalitites and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Angola by Marzia Grassi
Bibliography. The Informal Sector By Antonio Pezzano

The Restless Identity of Iranian schiism by Seyed Farian Sabahi
Somalia. The "UN Peace Conference" Creates a New Warlord and Flares up the Conflict Again
by Iaan M. Lewis
Local Elections in South Africa: the end of transition between old and new problems
by Sebastiana Etzo
Debate. Again on the shari'a case in Nigeria by Andrea Brigaglia
AIDS in Africa: the role of the Churches in virus fighting by Barbara Bompani

Famine in Ethiopia: the roots of the problem by Marco Bassi

Transcribing Oral literature: reflections on the imaginery by Rajmund Olhy

El Salahi by Salah M. Hassan

Cinemamed: images from the opposite side of the Mediterranean by Leonardo De Franceschi

Postcards from faraway: cultures between evidence and clichŽ by Enrico Sturani

The Horn of Africa and the development projects of Mani Tese by Mani Tese, Bologna group

Popular Culture, Development and Democracy

(in Italian)

Event: Etiopia. If the King Dies by Alessandro Triulzi

Popular Culture, Development and Democracy
Popular Culture, Development and Democracy: an Introduction to the Debate by Preben Kaarsholm e Deborah James
Popular Culture, Gender Relations and Democratisation in Kenya Daily Life by Bodil Folke Frederiksen
Fighting the Present Pointing at the Past: Contemporary Radio Theatre in Zulu language by Liz Gunner
To Claim Spaces, To Change Places: KwaZulu-Natal Women Political Violence and Revolt by Debby Bonin
Plays, Politics and Cultural Identity Among Durban Indians by Thomas Blom Hansen
Identification Spaces: Puja and Power in Calcutta by Anjan Ghosh

New or Old Slavery? by Fabio Viti
The Democratic Alliance, defending "White Interests" Party or Real Alternative to ANC? by Veronica Federico
Zanzibar: An Authoritarian Shift? by Barbara Falchi
AIDS and Africa: The Pretoria Process by Emanuela Sias
What is left of the Israeli Left? by Ilan Pappe
Bamyan Buddha and the Great Game in Central Asia by Anna Vanzan

Globalisation and inequality: the Case of Cambodia by Matilde Callari Galli
Some Considerations on Justice in in Transition Societies by Phenyo Keiseng Rakate

Feminine Evidences in Islam by Adel Jabbar

From Kurdistan to Italy: Organised Crossings by Stefania Marzocchi
Eritrean Immigrants in Italy by Heuan Abraha

Aporia of Ventriloquous Discourse: Some Reflections on Nuruddin Farah and Abdourahman Waberi by Guillaume Cingal

Authentic, Ex-Centric: Seven African Artists in Venezia by Eriberto Eulisse

Metissakana: Cross-Bred is coming. XI African Festival in Milano by Maria Coletti
From Maghreb to Egypt, Travel Cine-Notes by Leonardo De Franceschi

The Relevance of Audience in Umm Kulthum's Performance, The Greatest Voice of the East by Dimitrios N. Ouzonis

From Libya by Anna Vanzan

Africa, The Continent of Darkness? Some Reflections about Information on Africa by Mario Zamponi
TV Centres and cybercafé in Western Africa by Miriam Pipolo
To Inaugurate BASILI&Kuma by Armando Gnisci


Anthropological Views on Tourism

(in Italian)


Afghanistan at a Turnpoint by Antonio Giustozzi

Dossier: Anthropological Views on Tourism
Matilde Callari Galli and Bruno Riccio
From Colonial sun helmet to Videotape. Cultural Anthropology and Tourism in Contemporary Society by Matilde Callari Galli
Conflicts and Interpretation: Problems in Tourism Anthropology in Complex Societies by Alessandro Simonicca
Holidays as a Ritual in XXI Century by Rosina Marino
Ecotourism, Ethnic Tourism: An ambigous nearness by Federica Ferraris
Tourism in Tunisia and Ciad by Mario Atzori
Disappointed by Timbuctu by Marco Aime
Mafia archipelago between a Natural Reserve, Tourism and Economy by Katia Palazzo
Music Anthropology and Cultural Tourism: Experiences from Cambogia by Giovanni Giuriati
The mandarin road, pilgrimage in Angkor by Zelda Alice Franceschi
Tourism in Tana Toraja: A Context for Several discourses by Aurora Donzelli
Multispaces: Cultural Tourism Between Cultural Heritage and vocational training: The Case Study of Bulgaria by Giovanna Guerzoni
Touristic Space Between Myth Construction and Reality Production: Rimini Case Study by Ivo Giuseppe Pazzagli
"Tourist" and "Migrant". Contrasting Representations of alterity in Rimini in 1990s by Bruno Riccio

Burkinabé Revolution: The Political Backgrounds by Grazia Rita Di Florio
Islamic Activism Evolution in Mubarak's Egypt by Marco Capponi
Algeria: at the Roots of the Crisis by Michele Toniato
Islam at Strasbourg by Guido Bellatti Ceccoli

2001 Elections in Uganda: Regime Evolution or involution? by Giovanni M. Carbone
Bibliography: Uganda, 1986-1993: Museveni and His "First Fifteen Years" edited by Marco Capolupo

Afghanistan: From an Emergency to Another One. Sima Samar and Shuhada NGO edited by Anna Vanzan


Lost Women: Comparing Ruswa and Manto by Daniela Bredi
From Saint Petersbourg to Samarcanda. Aspects of Russian Penetration in Central Asia by Maurizio Pistoso
Witnessing the Perfect Word. A Meeting with Ruy Duarte de Carvalho edited by Livia Apa
Paulina Chiziane, The Feminine Voice in the Mozambican Literature by Matteo e Fernanda Angius

Contemporary Voices and Memory. The griot mossi in Contemporary Era by Irene Brunotti
Oral Narration in Writing: Singers and Songs in Three Swahili pieces by Flavia Aiello


Images of Writing, Writing of Images: the Art of Fathi Hassan by Eriberto Eulisse
The Scented Gardern. The Turkish Stand at the 49^ Biennale of Venice by Anna Vanzan


The 58th Cinema Biennale of Venice by Anna Vanzan

Rethoric and Ideology in Swapo Press by William Heuva
The Right Frequency by Massimo Zaccaria


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