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issues 1999

1/1999 exiles and memories
(in Italian)

Thoughts on exile and memory
Alessandro Triulzi
Alienation, authenticity and writing: thinking as retrieval of memory
Kusum Aggarwal
Positive and negative aspects of speaking French in Algeria: the journal "Algerie Littérature/action"
Naget Khadda
Traditions, memories and exile: East African Literature in English, by Felicity Hand
Stories and marginalization. Some recent novels in French speaking Africa
Nadia Valgimigli
A look at the Portuguese
Maria Alexandre Dàskalos
The city as a shelter for freedom of expression
Cristiana Flamingo
For an International Forum of writers
Salman Rushdie
Exile in the homeland: Africans in Nazi Germany

Mr. Aziz's golden tooth: the bus to Shemiran
Goli Taraqqi
Younis Tawfil: exile between everyday life and memory
Cristina Schiavone
Escaping the net
Cristiana Fiamingo

Rwanda after genocide
Gasana Ndoba
Crisis in Guinea Bissau
Carlos Cardoso
Report of the UN mission in Algeria
Madjid Benchikh

World Development Report and Human Development Report 1998: towards a stronger dialogue? Alessia Alboresi and Arrigo Pallotti

Lives of nomadism: people from Senegal and migrations
Sebastiano Ceschi

Human rights, globalisation and culture. The experience of TRC in South Africa
Richard Wilson

Algeria: Languages, Culture, Identity
Khaoula Taleb-Ibrahim

Literature and psychoanalysis. A voice from below: Kajubi D. Mukajanga and his novel Mpenzi I-II, Graziella Acquaviva
Interview with the writer Yvonne Vera
Isabella Metambanadzo

Doudou N'diaye Rose's special percussions
Alina Renditiso

The conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea in the Italian press, by Elena Gardenght and Maura Pazzi
Turning local stories into international events
Tricia Redekker Hepne
Letter to the President of the Italian National Broadcasting company

From the Journals
Bibliography: Kurds and Kurdistan
Stefania Marzocchi
Yasar Kemal
M. Pudioli



2/1999 conflicts in Africa
(in Italian)

Sub-Saharan Africa: why conflicts?
Mario Zamponi
The Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict and us
Alessandro Triulzi
Ethiopia-Eritrea: the reasons for an announced conflict
Uoldelul Chelati Dirar
Mogadiscio between ruins and globalisation
Roland Marchal
Congo-Zaire-Congo: from rebellions to democracy?
Anna Maria Gentili
Youth - war in Sierra Leone. Pacifying a monster?
Paul Richards
Reportages by
Rino La Rocca
Conflicts in Africa in the age of globalisation
Maurizio Melani

Event Kosovo
Fabio Martelli

Interview Meeting with Alpha Oumar Konaré, President of the Republic of Mali

Genital mutilation in Africa and elsewhere
Giancarla Codrignani

There are no longer griot here, but poets.
Conversation with Véronique Tadjio, Cristina Schiavone, Amitav Ghosh, by Simonetta Lelli

Colonized Imaginary
Gianluca Gabrielli
Research unit on children literature, University of South Africa
Felicité Fairer-Wessel

Black Cinema: Africa of the year 2000
Anna Maria Gallone

Taarab: the role of women in the music of Zanzibar
Flavia Aiello

From the journals/ Conflicts in Subsaharan Africa

From the journals Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines
Alessandro Triulzi

Bibliography EU-ACP relations: the Lomé Convention
Arrigo Pallotti

Maghreb and the net
Michelangelo Cocco and Giancarlo Gennuso
Afrilex and the lexicographical activity in South Africa
Flavia Aiello

Nigeria 1999: end of the never ending transition?
Marcella Emiliani
Presidential Elections in Algeria
Anna Maria Medici
West Sahara: a referendum for the new millennium?
Francesco Correale
Turkey: 1999 elections
Mario Nordio



3/99 transition in South Africa
(in Italian)

South Africa, 1994-1999: elections and party system
M. Cristina Ercolessi
COSATU and democratic government between political institutionalisation and social marginalization
Franco Barchiesi
Development and reforms of the local government
Antonio Pezzano and Sebastiana Etzo
Education to democracy, human rights and citizenship
Penny Enslin
Criminality in South Africa
Massimiliano Giamprini
Storiography and the Truth Commission
Cristiana Flamingo

Elections in Israel in 1999: the broken promise
Ilan Pappe
The results of Israeli elections
Cristiana Flamingo
The (in)security zone in South Lebanon
Michele Concato
Morocco, on the threshold of a new kingdom
Francesco Correale
The new face of Gheddafi
Andrea Semplici

Cultural evolution in post-revolutionary Iran
Anna Vanzan
From our correspondent from?..
Alberto Negri
Opposition, rural life and pre-revolutionary cinema
Farian Sabahi
Debate with Ulama in Iran. Gender and Islam
Ziba Mir-Hossein
Bibliography: Iran 1979-1999: 20 years of revolution, 20 years of books
M. Cristina Pudioli
Iran, the books of the anniversary
Farian Sabahi

ResearchesDemocracy and Security in Israel
Federico Foli

Pakistan: the muhajira women in Karachi: ethnicity, gender and the state
Daniela Bredi

Surviving in the desert and adventures in wild regions. Children Literature for the young Namibia
Andrée-Jeanne Tötemeyer
Unyago: the symbol of life. Women and education in Tanzania
Maria Rosaria Russo
University and structural adjustment in Ghana
Marco Guadagnino

Freedom of press in Africa between progress and involution
Mamoudou Sy

Literature Assia and the others
Anna Vanzan

Theater Nights Drums
Nadia Valgimigli

Swahili Comics in Tanzania
Florinda Guadagna

The notion of "Musical Change" and the "Standardization" of the Tradition: a case studies of the Traditional Egyptian Music
Dimitrios N. Ouzounis

Meetings with south African photography
Alf Kumalo, South African photographer


4/1999 elections and political transitions in Africa

(in Italian)

Buriani Baba Wa Taifa Julius Nyerere
Anna Maria Gentili
Ciao Paola
Carlo Scaramella
Elections and political transition in Africa.
Editorial by M. Cristina Ercolessi
Globalization, democracy and development. Mozambique's challenges for 2000
Mario Zamponi
Consolidation of democracy and political transition in Mozambique: 99's elections
Corrado Tornimbeni
Namibia, or the ambiguities of a democracy
Cristiana Fiamingo
Transition and 1999 election: Niger looking for democracy and stability
Enrico Sborgi
Guinea Bissau: change at last?
Carlos Cardoso
Ben Ali's long walk to democracy. First "pluralist" presidential elections in Tunisia
Antonio Pezzano

The clayfooted elephant. Ivory Coast after Houphouët-Boigny by Christof Hartmann30 years of OAU Convention on refugees
Giancarla Codrignani

State, informal economy and civil society. Urban transport in Dar es Salaam
Matteo Rizzo

Fragments Sahel
Marco Aime

History and memory
The beast of the past: history and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Colin Bundy
Colonial graveyards and public history in Namibia
Dag Henrichsen
Memory as a literary genre
Ana Paula Tavares
Adwa: the voice and the memory. Conversation with Haile Gerima
Maria Coletti and Leonardo De Franceschi

Development Africa's foreign debt: interview with Joseph Hanlon
Corrado Tornimbeni

Media "Asmerino belisimoo!" Identities on web during the Ethiopia-Eritrea's conflict
Giuseppe Porcaro

Arts Georges Adéagbo: "the story of the lion" and the big hunt of the critics
Eriberto Eulisse
From India to Mozambique
Alda Costa and Sara de Sousa Teixera

Music Interview with mbira queen Stella Chiweshe
Alina Renditiso

Photography Which "african" photography?
Enrico Sturani
Photographic history of italian colonialism
Massimo Zaccaria
From the journals

Christianity in South Africa
Barbara Bompani
Virtual University for Sub-Saharan Africa
Michelangelo Cocco and Giancarlo Gennuso

Books reviews Interview with Mohamed Talbi
Seyed Farian Sabahi


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