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Issues 2011

1/2011 Dossier - European Union and Africa
Arrigo Pallotti and Nica Claudia Calò, editors
(issue in Italian)

The Africa-European Union Relationship between Maintaining Security and Fighting Poverty
Arrigo Pallotti

“Economic Partnership Agreements”. The European Union’s Latest Offensive Against Africa
Dot Keet

European Union - ACP Trade Relations: A Perspective Ten Years after the Cotonou Partnership Agreement
Christopher Stevens

Problems in European Union - West Africa Relations since 2000
Osita Agbu

An Analysis of European Union - Southern African Relations
Medicine Masiiwa

David vs. Goliath. A Namibian Perspective on the Economic Partnership Agreements
Henning Melber

The Africa - European Union Partnership in the Security Sector between Rhetoric and Reality
Nicoletta Pirozzi

The Area of the Mediterranean Sea between Past and Future
Nica Claudia Calò


Ivory Coast after the November 2010 Presidential Elections
Giulia Piccolino

Sudan in Transition: From Civil War to the Pacific Cohabitation of the Two Independent States
Benedetta De Alessi

A Missing Bridge. Arab World, Africa and Islam in the Sudanese Identity Discourse
Massimo Zaccaria

Looking for Another Egypt: Between Democracy and Counter-Revolution
Gennaro Gervasio and Andrea Teti

Tunis, 2011
Anna Maria Medici


Humanitarian Aid: Politics or Relief? An Excursus among the Palestinian Displaced Persons in Lebanon
Erika Lazzarino

The Construction of “the Local” and Municipal Governance from Below. The Example of the Rural Municipality of Banibangou (Niger)
Hamani Oumaro

Special issue I/2011 Rural development and poverty reduction in Ethiopia
Edited by Mario Zamponi
(issue in Italian)

Mario Zamponi

Federalism and development in Ethiopia’s lowland peripheries
Sarah Vaughan

Ethiopia: rural development in historical perspective
Shiferaw Bekele

Agricultural “involution”, identity, and prospects of growth: Wolaitta livelihoods, Ethiopia
Jon Abbink

Food security and peasant livelihoods in Wälo
Harald Aspen

“The land still belongs to Meles”. Land registration and tenure insecurity in Siraro, Southern Ethiopia Davide Chinigò

3-4/2011 Dossier - Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging in sub-Saharan Africa
Corrado Tornimbeni, editor
(issue in Italian)

National Citizenship and its Redefinition at Local Level. A Discussion on the Politics and the Policies of Belonging in sub-Saharan Africa
Corrado Tornimbeni

Autochthony and the Struggle over Citizenship. New Developments on the Politics of Belonging in post-Cold War Africa
Peter Geschiere

Land and the Politics of Belonging in Africa
Carola Lentz

Property and Citizenship in South Africa
Deborah James

Staking Claims, Struggling about Identities. The Role of Religion in Conflicts about Land in Dande, Northern Zimbabwe
Marja Spierenburg

Sons of the Soil, Masters of Territory? The Politics of Land, Ethnicity and Citizenship in Bunyoro, Western Uganda
Anders Sjögren

«In Casamance tradition is everywhere». Joola Tradition and Autochthony in Politics and Development Associations at Ziguinchor (Senegal)
Beniamina Lico


Threats of war in the "Three Areas": New Tensions between North and South Sudan in the post-Independence Scene
Sara de Simone

2011 Nigerian Election between Institutional Weakening and a Bottom-Up Process of Change
Leonello Fani


Inequality and the International Order: Corrado Gini and the Norms of Modern Development
Gerold Krozewski

Veil Should not Hide Rights. Women's Status in Maghreb
Alice Paola Brizi

Neither Interference nor Indifference... and so What? France in the Ivorian Crisis
Giulia Piccolino

University and Knowledge Production in Africa. The case of Mozambique
Luca Bussotti

Special issue II/2011 Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1970s. Crises, Conflicts and Transformations
edited by Arrigo Pallotti
(issue in Italian)

Arrigo Pallotti

Searching for Political Solutions: Spínola, Senghor and Guinea-Bissau in the Early 1970s
Luís Nuno Rodrigues

The UN Decolonization Committee and the Struggle for Independence in Portuguese Colonies in the 1970s
Aurora Almada e Santos

Helping Decolonization or Fighting the Cold War in Southern Africa? East German Military Support to Mozambique in the 1970s
Klaus Storkmann

Local Political Struggles, Accommodations and the Nation-Building Project. The Independence of Mozambique in the 1970s
Corrado Tornimbeni

Discordant Voices: The Organization of African Unity’s Responses to the Unilateral Declaration of Independence, 1965-1979
Alois S. Mlambo

«Today Vorster Becomes Great». Reassessing B.J. Vorster’s Role in the Détente Initiative for a Rhodesian Settlement
Jacobus A. du Pisani

The Impact of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence on Politics and Power Relations in Zambia During the Era of Liberation Wars, 1964-1980
Bizeck Jube Phiri

Tanzania and the Decolonization of Rhodesia
Arrigo Pallotti



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