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issues 2004

Special: Women's Voices in African and Mediterranean Cinema
(in Italian)

Introduction:Sisters of Africa/ African Sisters, Anna Maria Gallone
Film production in Africa and Mediterranean Region: international networks, digital technology and personal creativity, Mariagiulia Grassilli
The eye of Shahrazad: cinematographer from Arab Africa / The dance, the mirror, the mask: conversation with Raja Amari / From fear to anger: conversation with Yamina Bachir Chouikh
Leonardo De Franceschi
Briefing on the review: Cinema from Arab Countries,edited by Mariagiulia Grassilli e Isabella Malaguti
Danielle Arbid on Danielle Arbid, edited by Luisa Ceretto
The woman in contemporary Moroccan cinema: elements for a socio-cultural interpretation, Leyla Dauki
Inverview with Mohamed Zineddaine, Edited by Leyla Dauki
Open-eyed women: directors from Sub-saharian Africa , Maria ColettiEMake films in Africa: my experience as female director in Zambia, Cathrine Musola Kaseketi
Love for cinema, cinema and loves, love's cinema , Alberto Iannuzzi
Short review on cinema festival in Africa, Selena Delfino
Appendix I: The female look in the Africa cinema: short profile on film, Edited by Selena Delfino
Appendix II: Some indications on sites and bibliography on Africa cinema, Edited by Francesca Colais e Elisa Delvecchio

1-2/2004: Conflict and Transition in Congo
(in Italian)

Dossier: Conflict and Transition in Congo, Koen Vlassenroot and Tim Raeymaekers eds

Insurgencies and Proxies in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Grassroots Perspective on Violence and War in Ituri and the Kivu-Provinces, Koen Vlassenroot
Small Is Ethical? Belgium and the Great Lakes Region, Ruddy Doom
The Democratic Republic of Congo and the Rwanda-Uganda dispute, Bernard Leloup
Land and Conflict in Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Johan Pottier
Of Peasants and Businessmen: The Real Economy of the 'Grand Nord' (DR Congo),
Tim Raeymaekers
Identity and Insecurity in South Kivu: The Case of the Banyamulenge, Koen Vlassenroot
The Mayi-Mayi Movement in Bunyakiri, Hélène Morvan
War, Youth and Identity in North Kivu: an anthropological approach, Luca Jourdan
Sovereignty and Democracy: Which Way for the DRC? Anna Maria Gentili

Eritrea: A Decade of Independence, 1993-2003, Richard Reid
Harare out of the Commonwealth: The Crisis of Zimbabwe and the Failure of the International Community, Arrigo Pallotti
A President for Algeria, Anna Maria Medici

"Let's Improve Our Traditions ": The Ashanti Migrants' Investments on Enterprises and Households in Accra, Lothar Smith e Valentina Mazzucato
"Dutch-Capeverdian" Transnationalism. Money, Culture and Relationship, Jørgen Carling
Alhurra and the Smile of Uncle Ben. USA Public Diplomacy in the Arab World, Augusto Valeriani

The Rwandan Genocide: The Duty to Know, Fulvia Tinti
Break the Silence Between Dead and Alive: The Rwandan Genocide by Boubacar Boris Diop in Murambi. Le livre des ossementss, Cristina Schiavone

Journals Review: Justice, Violence and The Weakness of Postcolonial State in Africa, Davide Tramontano
Conferences: South Africa: April 1994-April 2004: Ten Years after the First Free Elections, Claudia Gualtieri

3/2004: Social Movements and Conflicts in Africa
(in Italian)

Dossier: Social movements and conflicts in Africa

Guest editor: Franco Barchiesi

De- commoditazation and de-globalization: Strategic Challenges for African Social Movements, Patrick Bond
Re- mapping Globalization and Engendering Africa's Social Movements. An Ideological Marketing Operation Designed as Research, Nigel Gibson
Rights, Recognition and Community Mobilization to Gain Access to Basic Municipal Service in Soweto, Peter McInnes
But We Were Thousands. Dispossession, Resistance, Repossession in Mandela Park, Ashwin Desai & Richard Pithouse
Questioning the Representation of South Africa's “New Social Movement”. A Case Study of the Mandela Park (MPAEC) Rebecca Pointer
Civil Society and Development Projects in Camerun: the case of the Doba-Kribi pipe oil, Angela Ricci
Adjusting to Adjustment: the Politics of Ethnic Mobilization in Nigeria, 1993-2003, Olarinmoye Omobolaji

Not Unexpected Outcome in Afghanistan, Antonio Giustozzi
The Darfur Crisis. Political Implications of a Humanitarian Crisis, Massimo Zaccaria
Sudanese Refugees in Cairo: the Right to Education, Emilia Sorrentino
Reconstruction in Lebanon, Carlo Benedetti
Some Remarks on the New Agrarian Law in Angola, Mario Zamponi

Gaza Strip: Geography of a Fragmented Territory, Giuseppe Porcaro
The Russian Aliyah: a New Tile in the Israeli Mosaic, Mirella Manzalini
The Burhaniyya, an Islamic Path in Italy, Paola Abenante

Sun at the Top of the Road. Some Remarks on the 7 th Biennale of Arab Cinema in Paris, Leonardo De Franceschi
African and Middle Eastern Films at the 61th Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica in Venice, Anna Vanzan
DAK'ART 2004: Light and Shade of an African Biennale, Eriberto Eulisse

4/2004-1/2005: Writings from conflicts
(in Italian)

Writings from conflicts edited by Livia Apa and Nadia Valgimigli
Presentation. Monster, victims, companions or amnesiacs Telling conflict in Sub Saharian Africa
Simulating the war to find the peace. Conflict management through the oral code of laughing in the alliance and kinship system as a joke by Alain Sissao
Literary and political discourses on the history and identity of Zimbabwe by Lene Bull Christiansen
Speak the war to tell the nation? Some considerations on Portuguese colonial and post war literature by Livia Apa
Civil wars in Africa. An exemplary case: the Angolan war by Maria Alexandre Dáskalos
The silence of the active voice: J.M. Coetzee, conflict and windmills by Teresa Aica Bairos
Arab women talk about peace in wartime by Francesca M. Corrao
War and memory in the Palestinian literature by Monica Ruocco
Telling the pain. Algerian literature 1990-2004 by Jolanda Guardi
The revenge culture. War and literature in Afghanistan by Anna Vanzan

The lung (autogeographical narrative) by David Mestre
Doves' sadness by Jilàli Khellàs
(Fighting to maintain) an interior balance by Sikeena Karmali
Two of diamond by Mohammad Asaf Soltanzade
Deep midnight by Tahar Lamri

São Tomé e Príncipe: a new oil producer country by Gerhard Seibert
Cartão vermelho at general elections in Mozambico by Corrado Tornimbeni
Pohamba, for a Namibia to be changed by Cristiana Fiamingo
Depoliticization of development? Agrarian reforms, inequalities and political cohesion in Tanzania by Arrigo Pallotti

Emancipation and Democracy in Southern Africa. The Unsolved Question of strengthening Democracy by Henning Melberù
Nation, race and history in Zimbabwe policy by Brian Raftopoulos
Isaac and Ismael: the path of Israeli and Palestinian identity from 1948 to the present and the depoliticization of conflict by Enrico De Angelis

Connecting African activism to the global networks: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the south African social movements of the conflict by Herman Wasserman
Social movements, civil society and socio-economic rights in post apartheid South Africa by Ran Greenstein


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