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Issues 2009

Numero speciale I/2009 / Special issue I/2009 AIDS, povertà e democrazia in Africa / AIDS, Poverty and Democracy in Africa / UKIMWI, umaskini na demokrasia katika Afrika
(in Italian, English and Swahili)

Arrigo Pallotti

L’AIDS in Africa: tendenze e prospettive
AIDS IN AFRICA: Trends and perspectives
UKIMWI katika Afrika: Mielekeo na matazamio
Giovanni Guaraldi

La povertà in Africa: la parabola del televisore rotto
Poverty in Africa: The Parable of the Broken Television
Umaskini huko Afrika: mfano wa luninga iliyoharibika
Sarah Bracking

L’“impatto” democratico dei donatori internazionali nella lotta all’HIV/AIDS in Africa Sub-Sahariana
The Democratic ‘Footprint’ of International HIV/AIDS Donors in Sub-Saharan Africa
Athari ya sera dhidi ya UKIMWI za wahisani wa kimataifa juu ya demokrasia katika nchi za Afrika Kusini mwa Sahara
Roy Love

Questioni di genere, AIDS e migrazioni in Africa australe
Gender, AIDS and Migration in Southern Africa
Ujinsia, uhamaji na UKIMWI huko Kusini mwa Afrika
Bridget O’Laughlin

AIDS, povertà e democrazia rappresentativa in Tanzania
AIDS, poverty and representative democracy in Tanzania
UKIMWI, umaskini na demokrasia ya uwakilishi Tanzania
Ernest T. Mallya

HIV/AIDS e livelihood: il caso del Malawi
HIV/AIDS and Livelihoods: The Case of Malawi
VVU/UKIMWI na njia za kuendeshea maisha: hali ilivyo huko Malawi
Winford H. Masanjala

Oltre povertà e AIDS in Sudafrica
Beyond poverty and AIDS in South Africa
Mbali na umaskini na UKIMWI huko Afrika Kusini
Hein Marais

Il circolo vizioso dell’Aids
Aids and its Catch-22 Dynamics
UKIMWI na mienendo yake ya mkwamo
Antonio Maturo


1-2/09 Africa in Europe: associational forms and strategies
(in Italian) edited by Bruno Riccio

Introduction, Bruno Riccio
Between unity and fragmentation. Somali associations in Denmark, Nauja Kleist
Politicizing ethnicity. Sub-Saharan African associations and activism in Belgium, Nicole Gregoire
Immigration, associations and citizenship in the UK: the case of two Ghanaian associations in
London, Mattia Fumanti
"Diasporic" representations and localised practices of co-development: notes on the Ghanacoop case, Selenia Marabello
Local policies and administration influence on associational dynamics. The case of Castelfiorentino, Elisa Gori
Embodied female performances and gendered associational engagement: Sinthiane, a Senegalese village community in France, Georgia Barbara Jettinger
Patronage and ethnicisation: French of Maghrebean background electoral choices in North
Marseille, Suomi Bombelli

Political elections in South Africa and Zuma’s triumph, Sebastiana Etzo
Elections in Malawi. Multipartitism and development, Mario Zamponi
The International Criminal Court in Darfur: part of the solution or part of the problem?, Giorgio Musso
Political elections in Ghana: an enlightened democracy?, Debora Malaponti
Israel at the mirror: February 10th vote between new (un)certainties and old contradictions, Monitoring group of Israeli elections, Faculty of Political Sciences “Roberto Ruffilli”, Forlì
«Our democracy is walking on two legs». Memorable political elections in Kuwait, Anna Maria Medici

Chinese policy in Africa: the case of Zambia, Nilla Bernardi
Hamas: the strategic dimension of the movement and the transformations in the Palestinian political system, Paolo Napolitano

A research laboratory in the Sahel: the LASDEL of Niamey, Adriana Piga


Numero speciale II 2009 / Special Issue II 2009 La povertà in Africa sub-sahariana: approcci e politiche / Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa: Approaches and Policies
(in Italian and English) a cura di / edited by Elena Baglioni, Corrado Tornimbeni

Introduzione: povertà, sapere e potere in Africa sub-sahariana
Introduction: Poverty, Knowledge and Power in sub-Saharan Africa
Elena Baglioni, Corrado Tornimbeni

Ambiguità e distorsioni nella definizione e nell’identificazione dei “poveri”: chi manca e cosa manca
Ambiguities and Biases in the Definition and Identification of the “Poor”: Who is Missing? What is Missing?
Carlos Oya

Il paradosso della ricerca sulla povertà: perchè non considera la povertà estrema?
The Paradox of Poverty Research: Why is Extreme Poverty not in Focus?
Else Øyen

Comprendere la povertà e la marginalità strutturali in Sudafrica: una visione relazionale
Understanding Structural Poverty and Marginality in post-Apartheid South Africa: A Relational View
Andries du Toit

Ripensare l’analisi della povertà dai margini: riflessioni dall’Uganda del Nord
Rethinking Poverty Analysis from the Margins: Insights from Northern Uganda
Samuel Hickey

Povertà, AIDS e uomini mancanti in Africa australe
Poverty, AIDS and Missing Men in Southern Africa
Bridget O’Laughlin

“Promuovere crescita sostenibile a favore dei poveri”. La politica di riduzione della povertà in Malawi
“Promoting Sustainable pro-Poor Growth”. The Policy of Poverty Reduction in Malawi
Mario Zamponi

La dimensione politica della povertà in Paesi in crisi: i casi dello Swaziland e dello Zimbabwe
The Political Dimension of Poverty in Crisis Countries: The Cases of Swaziland and Zimbabwe
Lloyd Sachikonye

3-4/2009 Dossier - Slavery from Imperial Colonies to Postcolonial Migrations
(in Italian) Claudia Gualtieri and Itala Vivan, editors

Claudia Gualtieri and Itala Vivan
Slave Song
David Dabydeen
The Caretaker
Tahar Lamri
Coercion and Freedom in the Cape Colony, 1652 - 1856
Nigel Worden
The Decline of the Cape Gentry, 1838-c. 1900
Wayne Dooling
Slavery and the Ethiopian Legal Code: the Fetha Nagast
Richard Pankhurst
The Arabs and the African Slave Trade
Jolanda Guardi
Memories of Slavery in Benin
Raisa Simola
Echoes of Lost Voices: Jackie Kay’s The Lamplighter
Lidia Anna de Michelis
Invisibile Labour. Thoughts on the Definition of Modern Slavery
Maria Pace Ottieri
Rap-presentations of Slavery in Hip-Hop Culture
Roberto Pedretti

Bibliographic recommendations

Afghanistan: elections add to the chaos
Antonio Giustozzi
Iran’s long green wave
Anna Vanzan
Niger: Tazartchè’s victory
Adriana Piga and Silvia Koch
Waiting for Godot in the Ivory Coast: the Ivorian peace process between hopes and endless delays
Giulia Piccolino
Tunis 1989-2009. A twenty years long election
Anna Maria Medici
2009 elections in Mozambique: transparency is in the heart of the criticism
Carlos Shenga

“The Chief is a murderer. Long live the Chief!” The Ghanaian Sefwi Youth Association: protests and the reproduction of political order
Umberto Pellecchia

“I want to be like the obelisk”: youth identities in Axum, Ethiopia
Marco di Nunzio
New wine in old bottles. The paradox of the latest Lebanese elections
Rosita Di Peri



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