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issues 2003

Special USA-Iraq:The Reasons of a Conflict
(in Italian)

USA-Iraq: The Reasons of a Conflict
The United States and the World after September 11, Ferdinando Fasce
The Impact of Energy Issues in the USA-Iraqi Conflict, Giacomo Luciani
Iraq after Desert Storm: Survival Strategies of the Regime, Marcella Emiliani
International Sanctions against Iraq, Marcella Cocchi
Mass Destruction Weapons in Saddam's Iraq, Ruth Hanau Santini

Bibliographical Guidelines:
Where and How to read the "sanctions against Iraq", edited Marcella Cocchi
Iraq and Weapons, edited by Ruth Hanau Santini

Colonial Cultures and Literatures from Sub Saharan Africa
(in Italian)

Dossier: Colonial Cultures and Literatures from Sub Saharan Africa
Presence and Influences of Colonial Cultures on Sub Saharan Literatures, Itala Vivan
Imperial Shadows. European Colonialism and the Sub Saharan Literatures, Itala Vivan
The Book, the Books: Bible and Literature in the South African Tradition, Annalisa Oboe
Exchange of Presents, Exchange of Cultures. An Example of Reciprocity in the Colonial Encounter between Italy and Africa, Cristina Lombardi-Diop
The Dialogs with the Coloniser, Claudia Gualtieri
The Mark, the Unknown. Colonisation and Literature in French-speaking Africa, Nadia Valgimigli
Neorealism in Mozambique between Precept and the Emergence of a National Literature, Livia Apa
How a Post Apartheid Project Was Born. Women Writing Africa Collection: Southern Africa, Dorothy Driver

Kenya. 2002 Elections: a New Start or Everything as Before?, Rok Ajulu
About Namibia's Way, Cristiana Fiamingo
It Rings Down the Curtain on Cardoso Case, Matteo Angius
A Bad Tooth in the Lion's Mouth, Mia Couto
A Remembrance of José Craveirinha and Noémia de Sousa, Livia Apa
Democracy in Egypt. The Case of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Marco Capponi

The Dreamt Destination. The History of a Town and of its Visitors, Patrizia Manduchi
The Palestinian Refugees and the Role of UNRWA, S imone Giovetti
Developmental Policies in Ciad: Primary Education, Problems and Perspectives
Luca Virgili

Journal Reviews, Edited by Davide Tramontano
Book Reviews: The Namibian President Account on How Namibia Obtained Independence
Christopher Saunders
Film Reviews: Safar e' Ghandehar (Viaggio a Kandahar), Pietro Angelini
Images of Rouge States: Two Recent Persian Films, Maurizio Pistoso

The crisis in Zimbabwe
(in Italian)

Dossier: The crisis in Zimbabwe
The crisis in Zimbabwe: an introduction, Mario Zamponi
The political challenges of Zimbabwe, Brian Raftopoulos
The structural adjustment programme, the economy and the land reform in Zimbabwe, Daniel S. Tevera
Zimbabwe: the land occupation movement and democratisation, Sam Moyo
Land reform and farm workers: emerging issues from the Zimbabwe experience, Lloyd Sachikonye
Zimbabwe's role in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) conflict: the aftermath - regional implications? , Martin Revayi Rupiya
The Western response to the crisis in Zimbabwe, Margaret C. Lee
crisis in Zimbabwe: the role of South Africa and other international actors, Jo-Ansie van Wyk, Kevin Town, Faten Aggad, Gerrie Swart

Social Forum for another possible Mali: people and ideas of civil society in Bamako, Enrico Sborgi
The elections in Nigeria in the local press, Francesca Mulazzani
The Kissy Mental Home in Sierra Leone, Gabriella Ghidoni
The politics of uncertainty: Tagikistan after the peace accord, Michele Chiaruzzi

3-4/2003 Water: Economy and Policies

(in Italian)

Water: Economy and Policies

2003 The Water International Year: History, Controversies, Initiatives, and Balances Simona Benfenati
The Water Revolution: the First "Revolution" of XXI Century Riccardo Petrella
Water Scarcity and Collective Hardship: the Debate Giuliano Cannata
he Capacity of Social Adaptation in a Scarcity Environment: the Case of Jordan, Israel and Palestinian Territories Eugenia Ferragina
ydro-Peace in the Middle East: Why no Water Wars? A Case Study of the Jordan River Basin J.A. Allan
The Disi Water System in Jordan: Old Water Policies will Cause Heavy Environmental Effects Francesca Greco
The Nile Basin: Lessons from the Past and Cooperation by Atef Hamdy
Desertification and Technological Innovations in the Sahelian Territories of Burkina Faso Tanda Pierre Zoungrana
How Water Policies Affect Burkina Faso Rural Society. The Case of Kissirigouem Sara Crippa
The Management of Water Resources in Burkina Faso: Geographical, Historical and Update Information from the satellites Fabio Domenico Vescovi
The Role of Hand Dug Wells in Fighting Water Scarcity in Northern Ghana Nicola Martin
The Hydropolitical Dynamics of Cooperation in Southern Africa. A Strategic Perspective on Institutional Development in International River Basins Anthony R. Turton
Water in a Dry Land: Water, Thirst and Development across Southern Africa Coleen Vogel and James Smith
Water Privatization and the Struggle on Basic Services in South Africa Greg Ruiters
Water Politics and Cooperation: Trans-boundary Waters and Challenges of Cooperation in Central Asia Timur Dadabaev

Bush's Visit to Africa M. Cristina Ercolessi
Marocco on the Cliffs of Democracy: Considerations on an Expected Instability Francesco Correale

Searching for the Elusive Success: the Politics and Hurdles of post 1999 Land Reform Policy in South Africa Samuel Kariuki
Transnational Marginality: Modernity, Migrations and Homesickness between the Bijagò's Archipelago (Guinea Bissau) and Lisbon Lorenzo Ibrahim Bordonaro

Shia and Shiites between East and West Anna Vanzan

Journal Reviews: The "Hellish Machine of Divisions" in Ivory Coast edited by Davide Tramontano
Internet: Water Online edited by Elisabetta d'Agostino
Film Reviews: Images of Africa Abouna Mahamat Saleh Haroun Selena Delfino
Book Reviews: Edward Said: a Tribute Ilan Pappe


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