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Issues 2013

1-2/2013 Dossier - Lines of conflicts: the Arab world in transformation
Massimiliano Trentin, editor
(issue in Italian)

Massimiliano Trentin

Growth and Exclusion in the Economic Development of MENA Countries
Massimiliano Trentin

Secularism, Islamism and Democracy: the Challenge of the dawla madaniyya
Barbara De Poli

Feminism and Revolution in Egypt and Tunisia
Lucia Sorbera

The Labour Movement in Egypt before and after the "25th January Revolution" 2011
Daniela Pioppi

The Challenge of Political Transition in Tunisia
Hamadi Redissi

The Political Struggle between Nationalists and Federalists in Libya (1951-2011): united we stand?
Alice Alunni

New and Old Conflicts in the Syrian Revolution
Samir Aita

Saudi Arabia between Real and Vitual Worlds: Conflict and Convergence
Elena Maestri

Egypt, the Impossible Transition
Francesca Biancani

Libya: a Revolution in Search for a State
Giorgio Musso

The Syrian Crisis
Francesco Saverio Leopardi

Land and Development in Imperial Ethiopia: the dialectic between the modernization forces and traditional authorities in the Middle Awash
Luca Puddu

Italy and Libia: The Necessary Cooperation (1956-2011)
Paolo Soave

The Unspoken Doctrine. Italian Defense Policy and Counterinsurgency: The Case of Operation ‘IBIS’ in Somalia
Fabrizio Coticchia

Between Two Worlds: Choreutic Practices between Italy and Senegal
Ilaria Ignelzi

Borders, Bodies and Desires: Subjective Pathways of Modernity
Paola Lacarpia

Africa as a World Economic Power in 2050?
Liliana Mosca

3-4/2013 Dossier – Cold War Fronts in sub-Saharan Africa
Edited by Mario Zamponi
(issue in Italian)


End of the Cold War, Go Ahead with Secessions?
Gian Paolo Calchi Novati

The Horn of Africa in Search of a “New” History of the Cold War
Massimo Zaccaria

The Cold War in the Western Indian Ocean from Truman to Nixon (1947-1974), with Specific Reference to Ethiopia and Somalia
Liliana Mosca

The Ogaden War: A View from Moscow
Vladimir Shubin

Angola and the Cold War between South African Destabilization and the American ‘linkage’
M. Cristina Ercolessi

Cold War and Portuguese Decolonization. Historical Reflections on the Case of Mozambique
Mario Zamponi

Nationalism and Internationalism in FRELIMO’s Liberation War in Mozambique, 1964-1975
Corrado Tornimbeni

Between Regional Solidarity and National Security. Zambia and the Decolonization of Zimbabwe
Arrigo Pallotti

Italy and the Biafran Crisis: The Case of the Pedini’s Mission
Paolo Borruso


The Crisis in South Sudan: ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’?
Sara de Simone

The Conflict in the Central African Republic (2013-2014) : Violence, Persecutory Pattern, and the Mass Media Representations of Death
Andrea Ceriana Mayneri


Governing Territory and Population in Sierra Leone (1930-1956)
Lorenzo D’Angelo

Al-Ustaz Mahmud Muhammad Taha. The Moderate Islamic Reformist
Fausto Carletti

Rural Producers’ Organizations and Women's Empowerment: Lessons and Experiences from Central Mozambique
Roberta Pellizzoli




























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