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afriche e orienti - the journal

issues 2000

1/2000 communication, images, languages
(in Italian)

A decade of broadcasting in indipendent Namibia by William Hueva
Mali: "blue oasis" of media in Africa by Enrico Sborgi
UNDP Conference on "Africa's image in the Media" by Elena Gardenghi
The mirage of elsewhere. Travelling Notes by Raffaele Cattedra
The tourist, the native, the photos by Marco Aime
Iranian Cinema, or east is (not) east by Anna Vanzan
Theatre and society in Western Africa by Maddalena Grechi

Senegal. The alternance at last by M. Cristina Ercolessi
Zimbabwe Referendum: one of two stories by Mercedes Sayagues
Who owns the land in Zimbabwe? by Mario Zamponi
New agreement for the RDC: the difficulties of peace by Fulvia Tinti
Elections in Iran by Seyed Farian Sabahi
The Basic Agreement between Vatican and OLP by Savino Dalmonte
Peace Negotiations and perspectives of the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon by Eleonora Monti

Transitional justice in South Africa and the former Yugoslavia: a critigue by Phenyo Keiseng Rakate

The challenges of the globalization process in the Middle East and Northern Africa by Davide Castelli
Informal micro-finance and innovation in Africa: the case of susu collectors by Vittorio Cristofoli

Gaston Baquero: African Poems (1965) by Eduardo Dominguez

John Michael Coetzee, Disgrace
by Cristiana Pugliese

African Cinema: over the barriers
by Maria Coletti and Leonardo De Franceschi

Academic art and popular art in the RDC by Gianni Baiocchi and Sally Arnold

Floppy disck: Africa in the net: a selection of Internet sites on Sub-Saharan Africa


2/2000 Peace Processes and Conflicts in Sudan
(in Italian)  

Presentation by M.C. Ercolessi
Le Soudan entre guerre et petrole: la difficile recherche de la paix? by Roland Marchal
A war within a war: the post-1991 rise of ethnic violence in South Sudan by Sharon Hutchinson
The conflict in the urban area of Khartoum by Enrico Gonzales y Reyero
The role of civil society in the peace process in Sudan by Gino Barsella
Experiences of advocacy for Sudan in the United States by Kathleen McNeely
Aid policies and the internally displaced people in Sudan by Mark Duffield
Annotated Bibliography: Sudan Massimo Zaccaria (ed)

Syria: perspectives of post-Assad era by Seyed Farian Sabahi
Lebanon between israelian withdrawal and the succession to Assad by Seyed Farian Sabahi
New democratic process and Sharia in Nigeria by Vittorio Cristofoli
The tension between Mauritania and Senegal by Dah Opinion
Angola: the hard way to peace by Simao Cacete

Focus: Afghanistan A movement from nowhere?
The Talebans of Afghanistan by Thomas Ruttig
Afghanistan: the decline of warlords by Antonio Giustozzi
Annotated Bibliography: Afghanistan Anna Vanzan (ed)

Analysis: International cooperation and foreign aid
The Cotonou Partnership Agreement: the challenge of regionalisation by Arrigo Pallotti
The new Italian law on foreign aid and international cooperation by Valeria Saggiomo
The Mediterranean partnership and its problems by Vincenzo Stika
New strategies and new institutional patterns of Japanese international cooperation by Oliviero Frattolilllo

Entre memoire villageoise et identité nationale: la construction de l'État palestinien by Christine Pirinoli

Tiring oneself out with Assia Djebar by Maura Pazzi

Muna Moto by Ennio Castaldini Bibliophily on black screen by Ennio Castaldini

A famous father is not always bulky for his sons: the case of Femi Kuti by Alina Renditiso
Book Reviews Conferences/Exhibitions


3-4/2000 Emigration, immigration, transmigration
(in Italian)

Presentation by Bruno Riccio

Immigration in Italy: state of the research and related issues by Francesco Calvanese
Some reflexions on the transnational approach to migrations by Ralph Grillo
Transnational spaces: senegalese experiences by Bruno Riccio
Identity, model of consumption and construction of the self between Morocco and Italy. A gender critique to the trasnational migration by Ruba Salih
To transnational communities?The Eritrean case in Britain and Germany by Khalid Koser

Reportage immigration photos by Aniello Barone and Patrizia Pulga

Focus: immigrations in Italy
The others' body: African women in Italy by Carla Pasquinelli
The International Centre of Theoretical Phisycs: the "other" immigration in Italy by Anna Vanzan
Immigrants' trade circularity in Naples' hinterland by Fabio Amato
Moroccans of Italy: the case of multiethnic Poggiomarino by Schmoll Camille
Immigration and work in Emilia Romagna by Giovanni Mottura
The Institution for Immigration Services in Bologna. Evaluation of an experience by Maria Adriana Bernardotti
The non-comunitarian foreign person: between precaroiusness and rights by Nazzarena Zorzella

Israel's pragmatic expansionists and the "peace process" by Nur Masalha
The unberable lightness of power: Barak and the strategy of consent by Ilan Pappe
For a primitive prophetic peace by Luca Berardino
Nothing to loose on the Palestinian front by Giorgia Garofalo

Tanzania: elections for the status quo? by Corrado Tornimbeni and Mario Zamponi
October 2000: which future for Zanzibar? by Barbara Falchi
La Cote d'Ivoire n'est plus la Cote d'Ivoire. An interpretation of the change by Christoph Hartmann
Burkina Faso between threats of international sanctions and breaking of social peace by Vittorio Cristofoli
AIDS in Africa. The XIII International AIDS Conference in Durban by Emanuela Sias

War and state formation in Ethiopia and Eritrea by Christopher Clapham

Multicultural citizenship and new cosmopolitism by Antonella Pocecco

Representations of immigrants in Turin. Problems for antiracism by Laura Maritano
"Veneto is beautiful", or of the right to be oneself by Cristina Rossi
Bibliography: racisms to be read by Michele Nani

Other migrations
Olim and Yordim: new immigrants in Israel and Israelians who migrate by Annarita Lamberti
Afghani immigration in Iran by Farian Sabahi
New migrant spaces in Southern Africa by Corrado Tornimbeni

In the wale's belly by Nadia Valgimigli
Paradoxical expressions of a return to the homeland: music and literature among the congolese (Zairean) diaspora by Desiré Kazadi Wa Kabwe e Aurelia Segatti
German titles, Turkish names: a cosmopolitan will by Tom Cheesman and Deniz Gokturk
Hybridity de luxe: immigration literature in Italian by Anna Vanzan

With Pepetela and Mia Couto by Livia Apa and Itala Vivan
The extreme form of life. Interview with Pedro Rosa Mendes by Livia Apa
A new author, a new novel from Africa by Itala Vivan

Cinema: The 57th Biennal of Cinema in Venice by Anna Vanzan

Tourism: The Hadzapi, bushmen of Eyasi by Rocco La Stella

Chronicle from Kurdistan by Iole Pinto Book


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