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The association CENTRO STUDI FARINELLI is established by its members distinguished in the following categories:

2)Ordinary members
3)Contributing members
4)Onorary members

1) Founders are considered the people who took part in the constitutive deed or those who are coopted by the Board of Directors under such qualification.

2) Ordinary and Contributing members are the individual or legal persons who are interested in the pursuit of the social purposes, who apply for this and are accepted by the Managing Board. Ordinary and Contributing members have to put down a sum as an associative subscription which is fixed by the Board of Directors every year.

3) Onorary members are the natural or legal persons, coopted in the course of the establishment of the association by the founders or later on by the Board of Directors, whose presence can give the Association particular prestige thanks to their specific experience and offices held.

All members (except for onorary members) have to contribute yearly the fee stated for the different categories

Members benefit from the services of the Association by taking part in the events organized and by receiving information about the activities of the Association. They can participate actively in the life and events of the Association in the form of cooperation or presentation of proposals for the purposes of the Association.


Ordinary members: EUR 25 (Students: EUR 12)
Contributing members: minimum EUR 50

The associative subscription has to be paid yearly into  bank account at CARISBO, Filiale Piazza Trento e Trieste 1 40137 Bologna.

Bank Coordinates - Italy
ABI 06385
CAB 02428
Account number N. 1000/3090

Bank Coordinates Abroad
IBAN IT81 K063 8502 4281 0000 0003 090












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