Mayor Merola in Brussels for the Eurocities’ summit on the Future of Europe
Last March 7th, the Mayor of Bologna has attended an important meeting, organised by Eurocities, where the Mayors of the member cities said no to Euro-scepticism and populism, outlining the principles expressed in the open letter issued in November 2016, that carried three key messages to EU heads of state and major EU institutions. [continua]
Minitour in Europe for the Bolognese singer Suz
Among the European cities hosting the promotional tour by Susanna La Polla, aka Suz, also Kharkhov, sister city of Bologna. [continua]
1st UIA Call for Proposals: Bologna among the winners
On Wednesday 12th October the European Commission announced the 18 winners of the 1st Call for Proposals of the UIA, Urban Innovative Actions. Among these, the City of Bologna will be assigned over 5 million Euros for a social innovation project named S.A.L.U.S. "W SPACE", which aims at refurbishing a centre called Villa Salus. The project is coordinated by the Institution for Social Inclusion Don Paolo Serra Zanetti, together with the International relations and Projects Office, of the Municipality of Bologna. [continua]