Salus W Space: urban innovation and generative welfare
Launched the 3-year project coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna, co-funded by the European Commission through the UIA call (Urban Innovative Actions), for the regeneration of Villa Salus and the surrounding park, to host housing lots and various spaces for leisure, training and business activities. [continua]
Minitour in Europe for the Bolognese singer Suz
Among the European cities hosting the promotional tour by Susanna La Polla, aka Suz, also Kharkhov, sister city of Bologna. [continua]
"A cappella", the Leipzig vocal contest
The German city, twinned to Bologna, has launched the international vocal contest for young ensembles, to take place in Leipzig in April 2017, within the international A Cappella Festival. Total prize amount to be awarded: 4500 Euros. Deadline to apply: 20 January 2017. [continua]