European mobility for everyone

A series of meetings, with free admission, dedicated to international mobility for young people and adults. The goal is to give more emphasis and encourage citizens to the active participation in european mobility opportunities. It is a chance for personal and professional development,  enrichment of knowledge and intercultural experience. European mobility can increase citizens' potential on labor- market but can be also a useful tool against social exclusion. Meetings are especially aimed to all citizens interested in different possibilities like internships, vocational trainings, voluntary work or intercultural exchanges to be carried out abroad. The initiative is promoted by Sportello Europe Direct of the Municipality of Bologna, Sportello Europe Direct of the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region and in collaboration with the Association You-Net.

Youth in Action Programme, “Focus on” European Voluntary Service (EVS)
Presentation of  EVS and Erasmus Placement
Long Life Learning Programme (LLP) – opportunities for adults
Long Life Learning Programme (LLP)- opportunities for trainers and educators
Laboratory of active citizenship

''Mobility for active european citizenship'' is the title of two prizes that are awarded during the meetings in November 2012 and January 2013 (age '18-30 years), for the participation in the programme "Youth in Action", promoted by YouNet.

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