Conversations on Europe

"Conversations on Europe” is a series of events aimed at bringing Europe closer to its citizens, offering opportunities for study and dialogue on current European issues; it is organized by the European information services "Europe Direct"  of the Municipality of Bologna and the Legislative Assembly of Emilia-Romagna Region. Different local and international “actors” (public institutions, universities, associations and artists) support some of the “Conversations on Europe” events.  This cooperation creates a platform that allows Bologna’s cultural richness and traditional social commitment to cross the city walls and find expression in a fruitful European exchange. The debates, which deepen topics of vital interest for Europe, are accompained by different initiatives of "European dimension". Especially the european film festival ("Proiezioni d’Europa"), which aims at providing space for more intimate and personal “adventure” of Europe, at communicating and reflecting on central issues about the European identity Construction Process, such as intercultural integration, peace among people and the value of diversity.

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