"The flying Hummingbird": the social tv initiative of the Culture Department

In the African tale, which has been massively shared through the social media in these times of emergency, the hummingbird is the brave little bird that, when a terrible fire broke out in its home forest and all the animals ran away in fear and discouragement, decided not to give up and to do its best, despite its tiny beak, to bring water to the fire, and so to give its small contribution, however small, for the common good.
This is where the name of this new project comes from: The Flying Hummingbird (Il Volo del Colibrì, in italian) is a social tv, launched by the Department of Culture and City Promotion, in cooperation with Fondazione per l'Innovazione Urbana and Radio Bologna Uno radio station, to support the city social and health system during the covid19 emergency.
The idea is to create a steady corner of reflection about today and the future, in a special moment that forces everybody to face a totally new and unexpected scenario, giving voice to the citizens and to the many Bolognese communities, for a true tale of the city about the city.
The aim of the project is to promote solidarity fundraising in favour of the most fragile people in Bologna and of three city public hospitals (Sant'Orsola, Maggiore and Bellaria), by offering live streaming videos of 30 minutes, telling stories of ordinary and extraordinary citizens in Bologna who are reacting to this emergency with resilience and courage.
The streaming is meant to host both famous people and ordinary citizens, from the world of culture, volunteering, civil society, all of them strictly connected from their homes, in a mix of information and entertainment: everyday stories of adaptation, work, solidarity, telling about how the citizenship of Bologna has been facing the crisis.
The project is especially dedicated to all the people working in hospitals, to make them feel that citizens sympathize with them and are close to them, even by simply staying at home or by volunteering. It will also act as a channel to inform doctors, nursing staff, and all the health sector connected, of the opportunities and services made available especially for them in town.
The live streaming videos will be available from the Facebook page of Fondazione Innovazione Urbana every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. and will be rerun from Radio Bologna Uno the day after, at noon.
The first appointment was streamed on April 9 and hosted two famous Bolognese citizens: the director Pupi Avati and the champion swimmer Martina Grimaldi, bronze medal in London Olympic Games 2012.

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