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A guidance for managing and taking care of porticoes

Private property of public use, porticoes have always required a constant level of awareness among citizens in relation to all those aspects concerning their management and care. Thanks to the contribution of Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, the Municipal Administration drafted a set of Guidelines to assist property owners, business activities and associations committed to taking good care of their own porticoes. The foundation contributed to the development of this document through the funding of a survey project, focusing on porticoes and their managing issues.

The guidance Portici, Istruzioni per la cura e l’uso indeed represents an important instrument for the management and care of porticoes. This document is structured into several sections, designed  in order to facilitate citizens in the identification of any kind of issue involving porticoes and their management, in a fast and direct way. The topics taken in consideration are divided into nine thematic sections and they describe both the needs of property owners and the ones of citizens who are using and “experiencing porticoes” during their daily activities.

The areas of intervention covered by the document are: conduction of business and sales activities for retail and catering, temporary installations, placement of urban furniture, mobility requirements,
setting up of work sites, cleaning and sanitizing operations. Two sections at the end of the document deal with a more complex typology of interventions as they are dedicated to paving and lighting operations, which represent two crucial aspects for the quality of both porticoes and city life. 

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Portici, Istruzioni per la cura e l'uso - Guidelines


Photo by Adriano Dondi.