Rete civica Iperbole


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Whenever possible, author photo credits are stated on the bottom of the text.
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Photo Contrinbutions
Luciano Leonotti (UNESCO Nomination)
Marco Orsi - Bologna che cambia (Porticoes Past and Present)
Fabio Mauri - Succede Solo a Bologna (Porticoes Management )
Claudio Alba (42 km of porticoes,  photo album)
Ada Duker (photo album)
Francobraso (Management)
Bologna Portici (Riqualificazione)

Graphic Design
Jessica Bottaro, Francesco Piazza (UNESCO Nomination Logo, News, Porticoes 3D Maps, Focus on, Press Review)


Giovanni Semprini - INARCOS
Marco Gaiani, Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio - Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna