Fine notification to foreigners

According to the Italian Highway Code, the police have up to 360 days after the date of the violation to notify the fine to foreigners. 
In the event of a rented car, the 360-day period starts when the rental company sends the lessee’s data to police authorities.

On behalf of the municipality of Bologna, the Multiservizi Srl company is responsible for the notification of fines abroad.


If you found a ticket on the windshield of your vehicle, you can pay it online without additional charge, following the instructions below:

  • Targa - Please enter the licence plate number
  • Numero Verbale - Please enter the fine number (do not enter the numbers after the dash)
  • If you have problems by entering the “codice fiscale” (Italian tax identification number), you can either enter 16 X (x letter) or ignore the request and go on
  • Please enter your e-mail address and confirm
  • At this point, the website will offer you several payment options (credit card, online banking, etc.)
  • You need to choose among one of the bank circuits offered by the system. The payment involves a 1,00/1,50 € fee

If you received a fine notification at your address, please proceed with the payment by following the instructions provided in the letter.


We suggest you to pay as soon as possible, at least within a week.
Please send us a payment proof to the following email address: or pmufficioverbalicds@comune.bologna

Rented cars in Italy

If you have rented a vehicle and the rental company has withdrawn money from your credit card, this concerns administrative fees in order to provide the Police Office with the personal data of the offender.
The municipality of Bologna is not responsible for those fees and the fact of paying them does not mean that you have paid the fine.

Informations and contacts :

If you found a ticket on the windshield of your vehicle, please email us at or pmufficioverbalicds@comune.bologna

If you received a fine notification at your address, please email us at Otherwise, you can contact us by fax: +39-(0)-763-610201
Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm- tel. You can reach us at +39-(0)-763-610628.

Please find attached a fine notification template.

To learn more about Bologna’s traffic restrictions, please have a look at this page.

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