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Sicurezza alimentare nei Paesi in via di sviluppo
(Food Security in Developing Countries)

a cura di / edited by Corrado Tornimbeni

Aiep Editore, Repubblica di San Marino, 2010
(Book in Italian)

Ilha de Mocambique

"Introduction. Food (In)security between the South and North of the World: New Challenges and Opportunities
Corrado Tornimbeni

The Prices Shock and the New World Geography of Food and Agriculture
Roberto Fanfani, Nica Claudia Calò, Irene Monasterolo

Biofuel Expansion: Challenges, Risks and Opportunities for Rural Poor People. How the Poor Can Benefit from this Emerging Opportunity
Vineet Raswant, Nancy Hart, Monica Romano

Efficiency and Socio-Environmental Disputes on the Way of the Brazilian Ethanol
Ricardo Abramovay

Bio-energy in the Southern African Region. Impacts, Challenges and Opportunities
Annie Sugrue

Food Security and Land Security: Reflections for a Sustainable Rural Development in Africa
Paolo Groppo, Carolina Cenerini, Lucia Palombi

Towards Food Sovereignty
Michel Pimbert

Food Sovereignty and the Fight against Hunger: UNORCA - La Via Campesina in Mexico
Ernesto Ladrón de Guevara Alafita

Women’s Land, Men’s land: Will Tradition Feed the Future?
Gabriella Rossetti

The CAP and Global Food Security
Alan Matthews

Sustainable Exploitation of Fishing Resources in the Waters of Developing Countries. The Contribution of Partnership Agreements of the European Community in the Fishery Sector
Cristiana Fioravanti

The Right to Food. A Crisis Accumulation
Mario Miegge