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Senegal. Culture in divenire dell'Africa occidentale
(Senegal. Evolving Cultures in Western Africa)

edited by Adriana Piga

Aiep Editore, Repubblica di San Marino, 2010
(Book in Italian)

Cultural Pluralisms and Religious Pluralisms in Contemporary Senegal. An Introduction
Adriana Piga

Inventing the Nation. The Founding Elements of the Political Work of Senghor
Barbara Cannelli

Media Liberalization and Political Turnover: Strategies of Political Communication in Senegal
Silvia Koch

Development Policies in Agriculture and the Transformations of the Local Production Patterns in Contemporary Senegal
Emanuela Varinetti

Senegalese International Migrations: Scientific Challenges and Political Perspectives
Hamidou Dia

Socio-Cultural Movements and Women's Intellectual Movements in Senegal between the 1960s and 1990s: An Historical Perspective.
Francesca Lulli

Celebrations and Pilgrimages of the Grand Magal in Touba: A Continuous Invention of the Muridiyya Brotherhood
Sophie Bava, Cheikh Guèye

Béthio Thioune and the Thiantacounes: A Study on a Religious Project at the Heart of the Social and Political History of Senegal
Abdourahmane Seck

The Tijaniyya in Senegal. The Role of Entrepreneurial Dahiras in the Development of the Pilgrimage to Fès
Nazarena Lanza

From the "Great Jihad" to the "Social Reform" of the Islamic Intellectuals: Religious Dynamics in the Academic World in Senegal
Kae Amo

“Femmes du Dévelopement” at Ziguinchor: “Civil Society” and Political Parties in Contemporary Casamance
Beniamina Lico

Prospects for Peace in the Casamance
Angelo Romano