May 17th- September 1st, 2002
"Il Michelangelo incognito"
Alessandro Menganti e le arti a Bologna
nell'etÓ della Controriforma

"Michelangelo Incognito"
Alessandro Menganti and the Arts in Bologna in the Age of the Counter-Reformation
Museo Civico Medievale

Opening: May 16th, 5.30 p.m.
ingrandiscimostre erassegne

  The Museo Civico Medievale presents a review of the works of the Bolognese sculptor Alessandro Menganti, "Michelangelo incognito" ("Unknown Michelangelo") according to his pupil, Agostino Carracci.
  The exhibition was brought about by the recent restoration of the bronze bust of Gregory XIII (currently at the Museum), modelled by Menganti on 1576 possibly to celebrate the expected visit of the pope to Bologna. Menganti's best known work, though, is the full-length portrait of Gregory XIII still in place on the fašade of Bologna Public Hall. Thank to the exhibition, visitors will be able to compare the bust with the statue through an extraordinary series of modern bronze casts made when restoring the statue (1988-1990).
  A tentative sketch for the latter (coming from the Uffizi), two terracotta statues representing St. Apollonia and St.Mary the Magdalene (from the Bolognese church of San Giovanni in Monte), and selected medals and coins cast by Menganti for the local Mint complete the exhibition.
  In order to understand better the remarkable personality of Menganti, the exhibition also offers a panorama of the busy artistic life in Bologna at the end of the 16th Century. Enjoy the project for the Neptune fountain by Giambologna, the sketches by Bartolomeo Passerotti for Domenico Tibaldi's etching representing pope Gregory XIII, together with pictures, sculptures, metal works especially selected among the best productions of Bolognese artists and artisans.

The catalogue

"Il Michelangelo incognito"
Alessandro Menganti e le arti a Bologna nell'etÓ della Controriforma

a cura di Andrea Bacchi and Stefano Tumidei eds., "Monografie",
Edisai, 2002, Ç 18 (Ç 14 on exhibit).

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