Clip - European network of cities for local integration policies for migrants

In 2006, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, the city of Stuttgart and Eurofound established a 'European network of cities for local integration policies for migrants' (CLIP).

The network is characterised by an innovative combination of the "peer-to-peer" exchange method between public administrations and an important scientific research activity.

The concrete objectives of the CLIP network are to:

  • Collect and analyse the innovative policies and evaluate their implementation at the local level;
  • Support the exchange of experiences between cities and foster the learning process within the cities network;
  • Evaluate the role of enterprises, social actors, religious organisations, NGOs and charity associations in supporting valid integration policies;
  • Disseminate the best practices in other European cities and develop guidelines to help cities face in a more effective way the challenges related to migrants’ integration;
  • Promote an integration policy in Europe by disseminating the network’s experiences and outputs to the European and national institutions, to European organisations of cities and to local and regional authorities.
The Scientific Support Group of the network is coordinated by the European Forum for Migration Studies in Germany (University of Bamberg, Germany), with the participation of the Center for Migration Policies in the Society (University of Oxford, UK), the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Center for Migration and Ethnic Studies of the University of Liege.
All five research centres are part of the Network of excellence for the analysis of migrants integration policies (IMISCO), sponsored by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme on research and technological development.
The City of Bologna joined in the network in February 2009.


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