Healthy Cities - WHO Italian Network

The Italian Healthy Cities Network is an association of Italian municipalities stemmed from the WHO Healthy Cities project in 1995, a global movement focused on health and health equality in all local policies. In 2001 the movement officially became a no-profit organization.
The local governments of the Italian member Cities (today more than 70) are engaged in a common process of collection, analysis and dissemination of health promotion practices through a political commitment, institutional change, capacity-building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects.
The City of Bologna is a member of the network since the original project in 1995 and is a permanent component of the Steering Committee, the body providing political guidelines to the network.
The Department of Wellbeing and Health of the Municipality of Bologna provides skilled support to the network's technical group of coordinators and works in cooperation with Health local Bodies, governments, Universities, Schools, professional and volunteering associations, private ad public stakeholders, for the promotion of Health issues.

On 20th January 2017 Bologna hosted the Italian national assembly of the network. On this occasion, the President and the non-permanent members of the Steering committee were elected, for the next 3 years.

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