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UCCN bologna

Promoted by UNESCO, the Creative Cities Network aims at creating a connection between cities that are able to support cultural creativity and make it an essential point for its own economic development. In order to promote business and culture, the network offers to local operators an international platform on which to convey the creative energy of the Cities, thus paving the way to share local experiences in a global context.
Through this network, Cities can share their experiences and support each other, highlighting their own abilities and increasing the presence of their own cultural products in internal and international markets respectively.
Bologna was appointed UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2006: a prestigious recognition that celebrates the rich musical tradition and the very lively contemporary scene of the city. Music is part of Bologna identity, it's tradition and creativity.

The Creative Cities Network is currently formed by 180 Members from 72 countries covering 7 creative fields: Crafts & Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Music and Media Arts. Each cluster is electing a coordinator every year:

Creative Cities for Music, including Bologna (coordinated by Gent, NL)
Creative Cities for Literature (coordinated by Krakov, Poland)
Creative Cities for Film (coordinated by Galway, Ireland)
Creative Cities for Crafts and Folk Art (coordinated by Fabriano, Italy)
Creative Cities for Design (coordinated by Shenzhen, China)
Creative Cities for Media Arts (coordinated by Dakar, Senegal)
Creative Cities for Gastronomy (coordinated by Östersund, Sweden)

The City of Bologna is now leading the Coordination of the 9 Italian UNESCO Creative Cities that see creativity and innovation as key elements for the cultural, social and economic delevopment of their local communities: Bologna and Pesaro for Music, Fabriano and Carrara for Crafts and Folk Art, Parma and Alba for Gastronomy, Rome for Film, Turin for Design and Milan for Literature. Such a Coordination among the Italian cities aims at supporting the development of the UCCN, both at national and international level, and at fostering the integrated connection between culture, economic development and tourist attraction, so as to become a platform for reflection and research in the field of new economies.

Bologna UNESCO City of Music is the official website, run by the Economic Development and City Promotion Department of the City of Bologna, including all the information about activities and events connected to the past, present and future musical history of Bologna.

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