ECCAR - European Coalition against Racism

The European Coalition of Cities against Racism is an initiative launched in 2004 by UNESCO with the objective to create a network of cities interested in sharing experiences to improve their policies against racism, discrimination and xenophobia.
The Coalition was established in Nuremberg (Germany) on 10th December 2004 and adopted a "Ten Point Plan". Since then, a lot of cities have joined it and now the member cities are more than 130.
ECCAR is governed by a Steering Committee that decides about the eligibility of cities as members of the Coalition, provides for preparation and promotion of medium and long-term action plans for the Coalition and sends the Scientific Committee, for the annual evaluation, the Reports received from ECCAR members.
The City of Bologna has always been an active member of the Steering Committee and from 2011 to 2015 was one of the Vice Presidents of the Coalition. In April 2015 Bologna has taken over the Presidency for a mandate of four years, with the election of Benedetto Zacchiroli, former member of the City Council of Bologna. In June 2019 he has been re-elected for a second mandate, until June 2023.

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