Urban Farm 2021: FoodE meets SALUS SPACE

In collaboration with the EU H2020 project FoodE, which includes the City of Bologna as one of the partners, the University of Bologna has launched Urban Farm 2021, third edition of the contest named Urban Farm International Student Challenge, bringing bringing students from international and interdisciplinary teams toward the identification of 3 urban agriculture projects enabling to foster sustainability of City/Region Food Systems.

UrbanFarm2021 will develop project ideas, in a designing phase to run between September and December 2020, to be further implemented through co-design activities in three selected European Cities, including Bologna, partners of the EU H2020 Project Food Systems in European Cities (FoodE).

The Bologna location was identified in the area of Salus Space project, a good example of urban regeneration in a fully green context.

Among all potential solutions, a productive garden or on the rooftop garden of the former hyperbaric chamber, indoor agricultural methods, vertical gardens.

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Urban Farm 2021




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