Bologna Summer Programme 2020: Neighbourhoods and imagination at the centre of Bologna Estate

The first summer programme in Italy starts in Bologna, and it’s a rich series of events scattered through the town, from the centre to the district, in every courtyard, in every square, with a wide range of accessible, affordable initiatives which will allow the citizens to meet and stay together in safe conditions and at the same time not far from their homes.

Today, more than ever, after the hardest period of lockdown due to the covid19 emergency, we are all in great need of culture.

The aim of Bologna Estate is to fill up the town with energy, love and tenderness, through a neighbourhood summer programme, open to everyone. Outdoor shows, screenings and concerts are the key of this starting over, which brings people relationships and care for the community at the heart of its programme.

The summer schedule promoted by the Municipality of Bologna was presented on June 12 to the press by Deputy mayor Matteo Lepore, in charge for culture policies, and will go from June 15th to September, with a huge number of outdoor entertainment initiatives, downtown and in the 6 districts, as well as through the whole metropolitan area, and suited to every age.

Beside that, the municipal museums will stay open, offering access to their permanent collections and also many activities and workshops for children and teenagers, and tourist attractions like the Asinelli Tower, the Anatomic Theater and the Stabat Mater hall, inside the Archiginnasio Library, will be available after the shutdown.

In short, Bologna offers a summer outdoors, with cinema screenings, both in the central square and in other outdoor cinema venues in town, neighbourhood events and “district theatres”, and much more, always sticking to the distancing and safety rules, but granting entertainment by closeness and proximity. Among the various initiatives, the city blocks will turn into culture venues  for neighbours of every age, hosting for example a small theatre performance, a storyteller riding his tricicle, an actor reading a story or  performing a monologue. This is the magic of the neighbourhood summer.

Bologna Estate is a work-in-progress calendar, with many events already announced but also many others to come, during the next few weeks. All the dates, the procedures for reservations and safety access will be published and updated in the official website:



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