Bologna task force to assess the impact of Covid19 on culture

In Bologna, capital city of Emilia Romagna, i.e. one of the Italian regions mostly affected by the covid19 emergency, the lockdown for cultural activities started in February 24th. From the very first moment the Culture and City Promotion Department set up an internal ‘task force’ to collect data and information at a local, regional, national and European level, and to keep constantly in touch with cultural operators through interviews and questionnaires about measures taken and suggestions for the future.

The monitored data are being collected in a periodic report, which is weekly updated and made available online, with the aim to assess the impact on the many cultural activities affected by the layoffs, as well as to provide information and develop new projects for a future restart.

Now that the “so-called” phase two is getting close, with a partial reopening as starting from May 18th, the job of the task force has become even more important, to outline and reshape the cultural landscape, at a local level, and let the city face this new big challenge.

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