#CultureforDigital: from emergency to modernization

The Bologna Museums Institution covers a large portion of the history of Italian culture, with its 13 municipal museums: archeology, ancient art, modern and contemporary art, music, industrial heritage and technical culture, history and memory.

The extended shutdown of museums has led the operators to react in a very short time and find new solutions, i.e. not only to strengthen, but also to rethink and innovate the digital activities, by mainly using a new digital narrative of the contents of their very rich permanent collections.

In the near future, museums are going to turn more and more into culture hubs, and the “forced” experimentation of alternative modalities during the lockdown is undoubtedly leading to a passage from an emergency management into the involvement of new digital projects into the organic planning of culture and museum activities.

In the framework of this new vision, the Museums Institution has launched in these days a brand-new project to be developed in the next few months in a special area inside the MamBO museum, namely the Nuovo Forno del Pane (The New Bread Bakery). It’s meant to be a true redefinition of the museum’s identity, and was set after a deep analysis by the Board of Directors of the Institution, the Deputy Mayor in charge for Culture and City Promotion, and related Department, of the Municipality of Bologna.

The municipal bakery was built, back in 1915, in the building which is now hosting the MamBO, and was to help the citizens face the crisis after the I WW, under the motto “Bread and Alphabet” spread by the Italian Government; in the same building, the Nuovo Forno del Pane will take shape in a special area inside the museum, i.e. the Sala delle Ciminiere (the Chimneys’ Room), and will be no more exhibition but creation area.

Read more in the detailed information sheet here attached.


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