Bartolomeo Triachini, Palazzo Benitvoglio (1551)

Its majestic architecture leads this building to be considered as one of the most beautiful in Bologna. Construction began in 1551 on designs thought to be by Bartolomeo Triachini, for a collateral line of the aristocratic Bentivoglio family.

Palazzo Bentivoglio, facade

Inside the palace on the upper floor, we find several halls with ceilings and friezes from the Tibaldi school and a large gallery painted by Antonio Bonetti with figures by Ubaldo Gandolfi.

Palazzo Bentivoglio, courtyard

The entrance covered by a vault leads into a spacious, unfinished courtyard of two orders, surrounded by a double loggia of enormous scenographic effect, built from designs by Domenico Tibaldi and then completed by Giovanni Battista Falcetti during the first half of the seventeenth century.
In 1769 for the occasion of senator Fulvio Bentivoglio’s entrance into the gonfaloniership, the beautiful gallery painted in chiaroscuro style by Antonio Bonetti was opened.
The building looks out on via Delle Belle Arti and is not open to the public for visits.