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The AMITIE blog is dynamic, flexible and very accessible.
It creates dialogue, promotion and participation online at local and national level

In the AMITIE blog you can find:

- Community events, maps and calendar with information on activities, events and opportunities

- The international creativity AMITIE contest

- An overview of a plural Bologna city, to represent the cultural plurality, cariety and diversity of Bologna, to five value to the contribution of the "new Italians" to economy and territory growth.

- the call for proposal to participate at the competition for the AMITIE Festival

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Booklet Higher Education Course \\\"Migration, Development and Human Rights"

Please find here the Booklet of the Course, where you can find a summary of the seven modules of the Course and the Report of the final Round Table.

Review Andalucia Solidaria

Please find here the Review from Andalucia Solidaria, dedicated to migration, containing several articles with information and interviews on the Amitié project. 

The magazine Solidary Andalusia gathers the initiatives of the decentralized Andalusian cooperation, as well as interviews, reports and special monographs, articles and editorials, as well as the leaders\\\' look of opinion. The magazine also contains the collaboration of associated FAMSI entities, other actors of decentralized cooperation, and groups of the area of the research and the University, related to the Human Local Development. This number of the magazine includes a process dedicated to the migrations and some information on Amitie\\\'s Project, a multinational initiative financed by European Union.

Riga City Council Video

Please find below the link to download the video of the project made by the Partner Riga City Council:

Joint contribution Paper: The Migrants’ Perspective on Communication Results of focus groups and analysis in Romania, Italy, Latvia and Spain

The aim of the present paper written by APEL is to present at a glance the main migratory contexts in the analyzed countries (Italy, Spain, Latvia and Romania) with the main goal of better understanding the migrant communities’ needs and constraints.

The document is developed as guideline for a new media campaign focused on immigration and also for practitioners who could use it to move forward in the challenging world of communications and media. It aims to offer guidelines to improve the ability to think and communicate strategically on migration and integration issues. This is to have a better impact on policies in the analyzed countries and to contribute to a broader societal support for migration and immigrant integration in our societies. 

Please find here the Joint contribution paper.

Context report. Migration, Development and Human Rights

AMITIE began with a multidisciplinary context analysis with a view to identify a common definition of the “migration and development nexus” and with the identification of good practices in the field of communicating migration and development in the partner cities.

 The research activities will allow a better understanding of differences within the country partners throughout the identification of good practices, the interview to local experts and professionals, and the investigation of methods used by partner organisations in communication activities of specific issues related to migration and development.
The context analysis was carried out by a team composed by researchers and academics of the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention of the University of Bologna (IT).

1368788456_context report AMITIE web.pdf 

The NSA & LA Programme

The AMITIE project has been funded by the European Union under the  Funding Programme: Development Cooperation Instrument - Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development / Objective 2 Public awareness of development issues and Development Education in Europe.

You can find more information about this programme on the Europeaid Website:

Amitiè Project YOUTUBE channel

Please find below the link to the Amitié Project Channel, where you can find the videos of the International Seminar in Seville, the presentation of teachers from the Training Course in Bologna "Migrations, Development and Human Rights" and much more:

Project CoMiDe - Intiative for Migration and Development

The project CoMiDe - Intiative for Migration and Development signed a cooperation agreement with Amitie Project, because of the shared values and a common perspective regarding Migration issues.

CoMiDe aims to enhance coherent migration and development policies at the European level and in four European countries. Furthermore its objective is to initiate cooperation between development NGOs, migrant organisations and communities in Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Austria. Ultimately, in the international debate, (illegal) migration should be considered a result of global inequality. 

Please find here the link to CoMiDe project to know more about partners activities.