AMITIE: A new communication campaign on migration, development and human rights

Migration, development, human rights: ideas free to move.

 But what does unite the destiny of a migrant with the hopes for development of his/her country?

And what does connect the future of our community to its way towards integration?

During its first year of activity, AMITIE has tried to line up these ideas, together with operators and citizens born here or elsewhere, the result is the AMITIE campaign.


Migration is an economic, social and cultural resource. Cultural diversity and pluralism are a source of wealth.

AMITIE is a new – real, genuine and active- communication, addressed to citizens, local authorities, NGOs, private corporations and companies, to raise awareness, facilitate public communication in cultural diversity, to direct policy-makers towards actual integration policies and to create opportunities to strengthen and create new partnerships with migrants.

AMITIE to know, to enhance the awareness, to create places where to meet up and talk about migration, development and human rights, in order to promote a new integration, respecting our new plural European society rights.

AMITIE campaign wants to communicate in an innovative way the interconnection among migration, development and human rights, to raise awareness and knowledge, increase the value of migration as a resource (economic, social, cultural), recognize the cultural diversity and plurality as sources of richness and promote the integration and development in the respect of human rights.

This is a new communication – effective, real and participative- oriented towards citizens, local authorities, NGOs, private bodies and companies, in order to increase sensitiveness, facilitate the public communication in the cultural diversity, orientate policy-makers towards politics aiming at a real integration and create opportunities to strengthen and create new partnerships with migrants.


The communication campaign strategy is participative and wants to stimulate a change, by creating communication spaces and interaction, in a sustainable way.

The migrant is an active subject in the AMITIE communication campaign, as a producer, co-agent and co-responsible of communication.

Migrants are active agents of their own images, through the entire process of communication, sharing their experience, creativity and knowledge.

Dialogue and ideas exchange with migrants are constant in all phases of the campaign, encouraging an active involvement in the construction and diffusion of the campaign


The Communication campaign was launched in October at the same time in Italy, Spain, Romania and Latvia and it was spread at international level. The campaign will be promoted for 6 months, until Spring 2013.

In Spring 2013 the final event of AMITIE project will take place in Bologna: an international festival on communication and plural creativity.

AMITIE communication campaign wants to stimulate the change by creating communication spaces and interaction.

All instruments and images of the campaign were created from real situations and personal experience, told directly by the campaign testimonials in order to raise awareness on the reality of migration phenomenon, though a active and positive look towards “our future” that we create all together day after day.


The communication campaign developed several tools of communication, coordinated in an integrated way, towards different audience target, for the reach of different aims of the campaign.


- Images traditional advertisement (for static and dynamic diffusion in the city) with the following slogan: THIS IS MY STORY. OR OURS?

I am here in your country, which is also mine.This story is now only mine. It’s ours.

- a translational AMITIE movie, direct expression of migrants (please find it below this text, together with the teaser and another video about the video shooting in Riga)

- a strategy of digital campaign web 2.0 (blog, social media) through these means:


The AMITIE blog  is dinamic, flexible and accessible 

AMITIE blog will be in English (international) and in Italian (national) and will present:

- community events, map and calendar: information on activities, events and opportunities

- International competition on creativity AMITIE

- a plural Bologna city to represent cultural plurality, variety  and diversity, to give value to the contribute of “new Italians” to economy and growth of territory.

AMITIE Social media

- Facebook: AMITIEproject

- Twitter: AMITIEproject

- You Tube: AMITIEproject

All those tools are useful to obtain the day by day of the project, increase promotion, dialogue and online participation

Furthermore, an e-mail dedicated to the AMITIE campaign was created ( to send ideas, comments about the campaign.


- A participative programme of community events/for a face-to-face communication (from November 2012 to March 2013)

- An international competition of cinema, art, music, photography writing and design on AMITIE subject (call in November, deadline in January. Selection for AMITIE festival in Spring 2013)

- A visual book of deepening (info-graphics) on AMITIE topics, expression of citizens and migrants, whose contents will be collected in a participatory way, through dialogues and meetings during the campaign- in community activities and online debates.

AMITIE community – face to face

In order to know, communicate and share AMITIE vision and collect stories and ideas on migration, development and human rights, we are creating a participatory programme of meetings, activities and events as an expression of reality of our plural society and as an opportunity of involvement and active exchange.  

AMITIE programme has started in November with several events:


In Bologna the campaign was launched on Saturday the 13rd October, from 3pm to 8pm in Piazza Maggiore, Voltone, Palazzo Podestà (Bologna).

This big event foreseen an info-point promo AMITIE, the presentation of the movie: THIS IS MY STORY. OR OURS? , a photo-shoot spot to get people involved in AMITIE, stories, readings e music. The following groups participated: Eks&tra, Bell Ringers, OnTheMove, AfricanBamba

Furthermore in Cortile Onore, Palazzo d’Accursio there was a performance of Labirinto Dinamico by Dim Sampaio, an instalment of contemporary art on food, bodies and migration;

Preludio della Suite n°1 di Bach, was performed by the musician Flore Thoreau La Salle

At 23.00 AMITIE campaign was presented at the Terra di Tutti Film Festival, an International festival of documentaries from the Southern world.

Please click here to see the photos of the event.


This presentation occurred in Bologna on Saturday, October the 20th

The movie (Italia-Lettonia-Spagna-Romania/2012) di Reda Zine (30‘)was projected for the first time. The director and testimonial of the movie participated in the event (Fabian Nji Lang, Alison Marchiò, Dim Sampaio, Hakim Chebakia, Nazir Asrullah, Moustapha Alex Sarr, Yan Wen, Antar Mohamed, Mohamed Fnino, Idriss Husain Ali)

Please click here to see the photos of the event.

Send us your story, create your campaign with your image, your dreams and desires, upload your movie, join AMITIE.